Herbicides for potatoes

Herbicides for potatoesThe first thing you need to understand is what is and why herbicides are used in the process of growing potatoes. Herbicides are special preparations that are designed to kill weeds or other unnecessary plants. That is, they are used to destroy weeds growing on potato crops.

About that weedy grasses are not exacting to the conditions of growth, many people know about it. They easily appear on the planting of potatoes, immediately turning into competitors of this culture. They take moisture and nutrients from potatoes. If you do not wage a constant struggle with them, this can adversely affect the growth of potato plants. Harvest can significantly decrease, by about 50%.

A large number of herbicides are currently used for processing potatoes. There are a lot of manufacturers, so it makes no sense to describe each of them. For this reason, we will dwell only on some of them. Herbicides are different in terms of use. Some need to be applied immediately before planting. As for others, they should be used after the emergence of shoots. The dosage of the drugs is also different.

Before you apply on your site potassium herbicides, you need to answer one question, but do you need chemistry on your site. If the need for its use is, then it is worth paying attention to the following drugs.

- Antiburyan - in the fight against annual and perennial herbs this particular drug is used. It is also used in the fight against forage grasses, for example, bluegrass, grasshopper, fescue and others. Apply it before the potato shoots.

- Gezagard - it is also used before emergence. Apply a drug to combat cereals.

- Antisapa - a feature of this drug is that it is used before and after the appearance of potatoes on beds.

- Tornado-500 - a herbicide, the main component in which is glyphosate, it is used before emergence;

A high effect in the control of weeds gives treatment with preparations based on glyphosate from August, one of which is Tornado-500. The preparations of "Roundup" of "Monsanto", the USA, showed themselves well.

It should be noted that all these preparations can not be applied when sprouting occurs.

When emergence emerges, you can use "Lazurite" and "Titus" in doses, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Use these drugs or refuse to use them, the decision is made by everyone himself. The use of herbicides on potatoes is an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary propoloks on your plot, to increase your harvest. But at the same time it will not be possible to avoid getting these substances into the tubers. They are unlikely to benefit our health. If other methods of weed control are ineffective, then only these drugs should be used. This advice we want to give to all truck farmers who are thinking about using herbicides.

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