Caloric content of potatoes

Caloric content of potatoesMany housewives are trying to minimize the use of potatoes. The reason for this is the high calorific value of potatoes. This vegetable is really quite high in calories. 75-80 calories - this is so much contained in 100 grams of potatoes. In terms of its caloric value, this vegetable is twice as high as carrots. If you take other vegetables, for example, cabbage, then compared to it, it is three times more caloric.

In all recommendations on dietary nutrition, potatoes are not advised to be consumed. Potatoes and diet are not compatible because of its high calorie content. Another feature of this vegetable is the large amount of carbohydrates that are contained in it. However, in reality everything turns out to be somewhat different. You can judge for yourself. Next, we give the content contained in 100 gr. This product number of calories:

- boiled potatoes - 75-80 kcal,

- boiled in a uniform - 65-68 kcal,

- baked potatoes in a uniform - 80 kcal,

- fried potatoes - 300-320 kcal,

- French fries - 400 kcal,

- chips from potatoes - 510-550 kcal.

From these figures it becomes clear that the increase in calorie potatoes occurs when fat is added to it. In the potato itself contains a minimum amount of fat. A common opinion is that the body weight increases with the use of potatoes. But it all depends on what ingredients are served with the potatoes. In addition, the caloric content depends on the way the potato is cooked.

The use of potatoes in its pure form does not lead to fatness. If the ingredients used in cooking potatoes are high in fat, the total calorie content of the dish will be quite high. There is a regularity, the longer the potato is stored, the correspondingly higher its caloric value. In young potatoes, the content of carbohydrates is minimal. In its composition, for the most part, there is one protein. And although its energy value is quite high, but the proteins do not go into fats. The costs that the body requires to break down potato proteins are much more than the energy value of the young potatoes consumed.

From this it is possible to draw the following conclusion that when you eat young potatoes, you are unlikely to get much better. Fear for the slenderness of the figure is worth it if you eat potatoes that lay for months and stored starch. And pure carbohydrates easily transfer fat and increase the volume of fat deposits.

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