Potatoes by the method of natural farming

The methods of traditional agricultural technicians are still strong, but gradually the attitude towards the soil becomes more sparing. There comes the realization that the earth is not just a place of plant roots, but also a microcosm of life rich in forms of life. To get a decent harvest, we must respect its inhabitants and help them, then they will become voluntary assistants.

What is required for potatoes according to the principles of natural or, as it is also called, Organic farming:

1. Germination starts about a month in a warm (16-18 degrees) place, with sufficient humidity.

2. For 10 days before planting, put it in a cool place and cover it with opaque material. So the build-up of roots will go more active.

3. Cover tubers with em-preparations before planting. It will strengthen the vital forces of the shoots and protect them at first. You can dipped in a solution, or spray.

4. Minimal land cultivation. Loosen only the surface to the depth required for planting (5-10 cm). Strokes and hollows in pristine soil below will ensure that the plants are recharged with moisture and air. Passages between rows should be left wider (60-80 cm). Light will be given to a larger number of sprouts, which will affect the number of tubers. Shoots slightly hill. This provides protection against recurrent frosts and increases the possibility of forming new root shoots.

5. The surface of the earth around the potato bushes is covered with organic (grass, leaves, straw). Mulching will help the better development of soil microflora and will give the necessary balance of temperature and humidity.

6. Fan hilling. Spreading the grown stems in a circle (like a fan), pressing gently to the surface of the earth, lay the middle of the bush with any organic remains (better straw, dried grass).

If the planting areas are small, treat periodically with a solution of Em-drugs, to increase populations of beneficial bacteria and prevent diseases. In the case of long arid weather, infrequent, but abundant watering is required. To reduce the number of wireworms in spring (before planting) arrange traps from potato residues. In the summer, you can also catch beetles that lay these larvae. It is good to plant white mustard, or add mustard meal during the landing. It is necessary to consider what crops were sown before, if possible, to observe the crop rotation. A good result of improving the structure of the soil is given by siderates.

There are a number of plants, joint sowing with which, will favorably affect the growth of potatoes. These include spinach and all legumes. With beets, tomatoes, pumpkin and cucumbers it is better not to plant.

Organic farming is developing, finding new and new methods, peeped by nature. Try it out, try it and you are expected to have good harvests!

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