The best automatic irrigation systems

Automatic watering system can significantly reduce the time to maintain the soil in the optimal state necessary for the growth of trees and plants. The use of such technologies is no longer considered a luxury, and the availability and wide range of the most modern auto-watering complexes makes it possible to make a conscious choice and minimize the cost of acquisition. Modern systems are also able to solve technological issues of exploitation: for example, как включить автополив после зимы etc. The scope of use of such equipment implies the use of both on the plot of land and in a large agricultural complex.

After a long manual irrigation, the idea of ​​automating such a process will necessarily arise, and the big advantage of this solution will be the lack of the need for personal participation. This will allow you to leave for a few days without worrying about the condition of the lawn or garden. The presence of such a system is able to get rid of the irrigation procedure, which, although it does not require intensive use of physical labor, nevertheless takes a long time. Such a method will allow to maintain the plants in optimal condition and improve yield and external plantation visas.

According to the principle of using the irrigation system are divided into two main groups:

· Sprinkler irrigation;

· Drip irrigation

In the case of sprinkler irrigation, the irrigation process completely mimics the natural conditions, allowing moisture to increase not only at the root zone of the plant, but also the entire upper layer of the soil. Also, the natural way of watering helps to clean the leaves, which positively affects the yield.

For drip irrigation systems, humidification of only the root zone is characteristic, this method is most suitable in areas where there is no need for irrigation of a large area or irrigation irrigation is not advisable. This method is most often used in greenhouses and greenhouses and allows you to achieve the delivery of moisture in those places where it is needed.

For installation, it is necessary to design the selected system taking into account the features of the site and the location of vegetation on it. Installation is better to start before the time of active growth of greenery for which it is necessary to dig trenches and put a pipeline in them, then to conduct cultivation and installation of sprinklers. In conclusion, automation is established and commissioning is performed. Maintenance of such a system is reduced to regular preventive works and the descent of water before the onset of cold weather.

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