Cut off flowers from potatoes

Potato flowersThe vegetative path of reproduction in potatoes developed and improved over several centuries. This led to the fact that the ability to form berries and seeds, many varieties of potatoes were lost. But, despite this, at the present time there are many varieties that are characterized by abundant flowering. If, on the garden plot, several varieties of this crop are grown, the impression of a living multi-colored carpet may be created. Many gardeners have a question: is it necessary to pick flowers from potatoes?

Organic substances, the formation of which occurs in the potato plant, are distributed to all organs. Their outflow occurs in buds, as well as flowers. The latter appear with the formation of potatoes in tubers. During tuberization in the tubers, 40-45% of organic matter flows off, and 23-25% remains in the stems and leaves. 25% is sent to the flowers.

Tubers in the course of plant development receive organic substances in less quantity, the amount of starch contained in them grows smaller. Themselves the tubers are small in size. Such tubers, when used for planting in the next year, will yield less harvest than those with which flower stalks have been removed. This is mainly due to the fact that in the first year the growth and development of young shoots is due to the organic matter contained in the uterine tubers. Waiting for the appearance of flowers potato should not be. It is necessary to cut off the flowers of the potato at the beginning of the budding process.

If your plans to leave potato seeds, then it is not worth to break off flowers from such a plantation. If you have enough land for potatoes, then you should choose a site on which you will grow potatoes for food. And then you can safely break off the flowers.

For many, the actual question is when to pick flowers. Break off should buds, which have just begun to gain color. If you do not have time, you should wait until the flowers bloom. Then you can cut off the small ovary berry.

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