Hilling of potatoes

Hoeing of potatoesMany do not know when and how to make potatoes hummocking, and whether it is worthwhile to conduct this additional work. Yes, it is necessary to do this, several times - some spend three or four hills during the season.

Hilling is the process of powdering the loosened soil of the lower part of the stems of a plant. This operation is necessary to improve the penetration of oxygen to the tubers, and this in turn has a beneficial effect on the development of tubers. It has long been known that the growth of tubers occurs at a shallow depth, about 15 centimeters, but hilling allows the well to develop stolons that grow in breadth, as a result, the yield of potatoes, as well as its presentation, increases.

When hilling the soil must be moist, you can work after some time after the rain or after the morning dew. If this recommendation is not taken into account and the plants are covered with hot soil, then it is possible to destroy the entire crop. Therefore, work should be carried out on a cloudy day or when the air temperature is minimal (morning or evening). If the heat costs, if the potato area is possible before hilling it is necessary to water.

For the first time, the potatoes grow after emergence. Do not be afraid that the sprouts will not break through the earth, they will perfectly cope with this, and the root system during the processing will well develop and form additional shoots. To all it should be added that by producing hills, you will destroy the weeds that draw from the soil the useful substances necessary for the growth and development of potatoes.

When the stems of potatoes reach a height of 30 centimeters, a second treatment is carried out. First weeding is done, and then the bottom of the bushes is sprinkled with earth.

In the presence of heavy soil, especially when your site is in the northern regions of the country, hilling is carried out several times per season. If you live in the northern part, do this work twice a season. I repeat the above, do this work after the rain, when the moisture is completely absorbed into the ground.

Hoeing of potatoes

Now many truck farmers have at their disposal small means of mechanization - motor blocks. With its help, it is much faster to grow the potatoes. This technology is available in the market, some even collect them by their own hands.

When using a motor-block, several working bodies are installed on it. In front put baking powder, and back a hogweed, which, when driving, falls asleep bushes. A hiller can be used alone, and three can be used. For treatment with a motor block, the same distance between rows of plants should be maintained.

Some farmers are hogging potatoes under a plow (plowing), the principle of operation is similar in many respects to the cultivation of the land with the help of a motoblock. However, this is hard physical work, because the plow must be pulled between rows.

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