Preparation of potatoes for planting

Potatoes prepared for plantingProper selection and preparation of potatoes for planting is the key to getting a good harvest in autumn. The most important event for growing potatoes is the preparation of seed material. In many potato growers this procedure is reduced to planting and simple selection of tubers for planting.

Preparation of potatoes should be carried out while harvesting. If you decide to use the potato that you yourself raised in order to plant next year, then it is necessary to correctly approach the process of potato selection. To make a choice it is necessary in favor of healthy bushes, which are not damaged by diseases and pests. It is of great importance that the potato tubers you planted have the form characteristic of the variety.

How to prepare potatoes for planting in spring

Cooking potatoes will need to be already in early spring. The procedure is similar to the one you did in autumn: you will again need to sort out the potatoes, take away the small and ugly tubers. For the presence of diseases it is necessary to check all the planting material. For planting it is best to use tubers with a mass from 30 to 100 gr.

The use of high-quality planting material will yield a high yield. If the nematode struck all the potatoes, the planting material is rejected. Culls will also have to be rejected, which are slightly frozen, have a scent or are affected by scab. If among the planting material you have found cut tubers, then in this case it will need to be treated in a solution of the fungicide. If you use these tubers as a planting material, then in the future they will become a source of the disease.

In the end, out of all the seed potatoes, you must have at least 85% of quality planting material. If this rule is not met, then all the seed material is rejected (ideally). Take for planting a small tuber is not worth it, because they can become an obstacle to the growth of medium-sized tubers.

The three groups need to separate high-grade tubers. The first group should be a tuber by 80 or more. The second should be a tuber, the mass of which varies from 50 to 80 gr. And the third should include tubers of mass 30 - 50

The potato of the middle group must be planted in case you want to provide yourself with planting material. Only as an additive is used a small and large group. Tubers from these groups are taken only when there is a lack of average. Mixing different groups is not recommended, as this can lead to uneven plant growth. As a result, some plants will be suppressed by others.

Difficulties arise if the planting is not sorted tubers. Difficulties arise primarily with the care of potatoes. Shoots of large tubers are given earlier than small ones. Large tubers grow larger than those grown from small tubers. In addition, in large tubers the planting pattern is somewhat different than that of small tubers. When preparing the potatoes for planting, all this should be taken into account.

Above it was said that the ideal planting material are tubers with a mass of 50 - 80. It may even be better to use large tubers, but it will turn out to be too high a consumption. The only positive thing to use when planting large tubers lies in their vital energy, which is enclosed in a tuber. The food and moisture concentrated in it are quite sufficient for the initial growth of the future plant.

The material that was selected for planting, it is necessary to plant trees. To do this, it must be disintegrated in a ventilated room in the light. The room temperature should be 10 - 12 ° C. Being in the light, the tubers will acquire a specific green color. The procedure of landscaping lasts 25 - 35 days. To distribute light uniform, tubers are periodically turned over.

A rather laborious, but at the same time simple and cheap way to prepare potatoes for planting is the germination of potatoes in polyethylene bags. They make small holes in them, through 12-15 cm, then they fill in two-thirds of the volume, the ends are tied, then they are intercepted in the middle, and then they hang on the hanger in a bright room.

It is advisable to carry out treatment with insectophangicides of the seed material before planting.

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