Top dressing of potatoes

Top dressing of potatoesДля того чтобы получить хороший урожай картофеля, необходим правильный подход к его выращиванию и не забывать про подкормки. После посадки, через 7-10 дней проводят рыхление почвы глубиной 3 сантиметра. Рыхление проводят с помощью тяпки или граблей, а целью такой операции является уничтожение сорняков и увеличение притока кислорода к клубням растения.

Loosening the soil is necessary after the rain, so that a crust does not form on the surface of the soil, which will prevent access of air to the roots of the plant. This operation is carried out carefully, so as not to damage the tubers and not to break down the growths.

When the botanical size of 15 centimeters is reached, the first hilling is done, it is better if the ground is wet. It needs to be scraped up with a hoe in small parts, so that near the bush a small mound formed. Two weeks later they make a second hilling. This event has a beneficial effect on the development of the bush, accelerates the flowering and the formation of tubers. The hilling also to some extent allows to protect potato tubers from phytophthora, which can quickly penetrate from the tops to the tubers.

To increase the yield, it is necessary to make three additional potatoes. It is important not only what to feed the potatoes, but also how to do it.

If you notice that the tops grow weakly, the stems are thin, the leaves are unhealthy pale green, so it's time to do the first fertilizing. For its preparation in 10 liters of water, dissolve 1st. A spoonful of urea, you can use "Rastorin", also 1st. a spoon. Of folk remedies, for 10 liters of water, you can use half a liter of liquid mullein or bird litter. Fertilize better after rain or watering, when the soil is wet. The plant is poured 0,5 liters of the finished mixture.

The considered components for top dressing can be replaced with a solution from plants, for this in 100 a liter barrel finely chopped nettle, about 10 kilograms, well kneaded and put to wander for 6 days. Before use, the solution is stirred again, the rate of application is 1 liter per bush. In addition to nettles, a bucket of humus can be added to the barrel, which significantly improves the nutritional properties of the solution.

When budding, spend the second top dressing of potatoes. To accelerate the flowering of the culture, the following composition is prepared: 10 liters of water should be taken from potassium sulphate - 1 st. Spoon, wood ash - 3 st. Spoons, you can simply add and stir a glass of wood ash and do not add potassium sulfate.

The third feeding of potatoes is the most important. It is done when the potatoes blossom, and spend to accelerate the formation of tubers. In the bucket water is dissolved: superphosphate - 2 st. Spoon with the addition of a glass of mullein (chicken litter). The prepared solution is poured on a half liter per bush. With large areas of potatoes, the top dressing is sprinkled in dry form under each plant.

- to accelerate the growth of the tops on the 1 bush, it is necessary to make half a teaspoon of carbamide (urea) or 200 grams of plant humus.

- to speed flowering on the bush it is necessary: ​​1st. A spoon of ash and potassium sulfate - a teaspoon floor. You can make nitrofosque - 1 teaspoon.

- To accelerate the formation of tubers on the bush it is necessary: ​​a teaspoon of superphosphate.

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