Watering potatoes

How to water potatoesTaking into account the fact that potatoes are variable in drought resistance, watering for it is most important in the 2 half of vegetation, especially with the onset of the flowering phase. On the territory of Russia, this period is accompanied by abundant rainfall. Therefore, there is no need to water potatoes in July-August.

However, nevertheless, in some years there may be soil drought, which quite often occurs on 1-th half of August. It is supplemented by an increase in air temperature, which results in wilting of the tops. When watering on one bush should be 3-4 liters of water. Conduct it, as a rule, in several receptions. This is necessary for better absorption of moisture, it must reach a depth of up to 20 cm.

How to water potatoes

Observe the rate of watering. If the watering of the potato was insufficient, this could lead to the death of stolons. The result can be a minimum number of tubers on the bush.

Is it necessary to water potatoes at the beginning of the growing season, when this culture is characterized by high drought resistance? If there is such a possibility, then it must be watered. With a lack of moisture, the plant is in an extreme state. This is manifested in its poor development. The plant, which was weakened by drought, certainly can not show good productivity in the future, even with abundant precipitation in July-August.

Before emergence, there is no point in watering potatoes. If large tubers were used for planting and there was no gap between plowing or planting, the plant would rise due to the moisture contained in the tuber itself and the soil. The need for watering occurs a few days after the first shoots appeared. 2-3 liter per bush is the norm for one bush. To minimize the loss of moisture, it is desirable to produce watering in two steps. For irrigation use conventional buckets, watering cans. Also it is possible to conduct irrigation by means of a water supply system with hoses.

If precipitation is absent in the second half of June, which is quite often in most regions of our country, it is necessary to conduct another watering in the third decade of the month with the same rate.

Thus, in June two potato watering should be carried out - in the middle and late June. In August, the number of irrigation should vary from one to two. Everything depends on precipitation during this period. On average, the total irrigation norm for one plant should be 10-15 liters of water.

Watering potato plantings after 1 September is devoid of any meaning. Sprinkle the potatoes a couple of weeks before harvesting the potato plantations.

If potatoes are grown on arable land, then with irrigation there are difficulties. It is conducted only in some cases. If the sites with potato plantings are located on the irrigated field, then it can be watered by means of a sprinkler installation. Another option for organizing irrigation is the use of avtovodozki. When choosing such an option for organizing irrigation, consideration should be given to the economic component. After one good watering about 20-25 June, when plants usually reached a height of 15-20 cm, you can achieve an increase in yield by 25-30%. A big increase can be achieved if this event is held in arid August days. In the event that your costs are higher than the increase in yield, then it is unprofitable to conduct it from the economic point of view. To verify this, you can conduct an experiment on your site.

Those potato growers who do not have the opportunity to water potato landings on their site can follow the rule: moisture in the soil must be preserved using water-saving agrotechnical techniques. For moisture, its conservation on the site must be fought in the truest sense of the word.

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