Planting potatoes

Planting potatoesWhen planting potatoes, several technologies are used. Many people pay much attention to this process. It is from planting that fantastic yields of potatoes largely depend.

Before planting tubers, it is desirable to germinate them. Approximately two weeks before planting, they can be decomposed in a bright place. The thickness of the layer should be 1-2 potatoes. White thin sprouts must be cut off early.

Small, but thick and green - this is how sprouts should be after germination.

With the classic Russian technology of planting potatoes are familiar to many. It consists in the following: landing is carried out by two people. One digs holes, between them should be maintained a distance of one bayonet spade. Another - puts to the hole potato tubers. Putting tubers together with them, he adds fertilizer to humus or manure.

The optimal depth of tubers is 10-15 cm. Using this method provides labor saving when planting and is an excellent option for most sites.

Potato planting dates

When choosing the potato planting period, it is necessary to remember that not only the early planting of potatoes, but too early, leads to a decrease in the yield. Usually, the potatoes are planted after the soil at a depth of 10 cm is warmed to the temperature of 6 ... 8 ° C. At this temperature, the germination of the tubers occurs faster, the shoots appear fairly quickly. However, we note that there is no strict relationship between the temperature of the soil and the timing of the planting of potatoes. Specialists found that the best effect is if the planting is carried out in insufficiently heated soil, than a later landing in the heated up to 6 ... 8 °. Their life activity in tubers is maintained at a temperature of 2 ... 3 °. Therefore, landing can be carried out already during this period. When planting the tubers are embedded in a shallower depth, as the surface layer warms up better and there is no heat deficit. The earlier the planting period, the correspondingly smaller the depth of embedding the tubers. Planting potatoes in the non-chernozem zone of the country is carried out in late April-early May. At the beginning of April, it occurs in the southern regions. If you are late with landing on 10-15 days, then this can lead to a decrease in yield by half.

When we planted potatoes, we figured out, now we need to select the size of the tubers. For planting it is better to use the tubers 35-50. The optimum depth of planting of potatoes is about 12 cm on fertile soils.

This measure coincides with the opening of the leaves on the birches. In areas in which loamy soils predominate with sufficient moisture, they are planted on ridges and ridges. Landing to a depth of 8 cm should be carried out on sandy and sandy loamy soils. Do not soil more than 10 cm.

A useful procedure is pre-vernal vernalization of tubers. It consists in the following: on the floor or on the bottom of the box, tubers are laid, which are placed in an illuminated room with a temperature regime of 12-15 degrees. Do this so that the potatoes sprout. Vernalization of tubers can be carried out on a wire or twine. For this, the tubers are strung on the wire three weeks before planting the tubers in the garden. Suspend the tubers in front of the window. Due to the presence of light, germination proceeds well. Strong shoots are obtained, they do not break when planted.

Potatoes with germs 1-2 cm develops faster and ripens on 15-20 days faster than usual. The best results can be achieved if you use another way of vernalization - in boxes with sawdust. Take the box, on the bottom of which is poured a small layer of sawdust thickness of 3-5 cm. A layer of tubers is laid on the sawdust. Over the tubers again filled with sawdust. As necessary, sawdust is watered. The box containing the potatoes is kept in sawdust for 2-3 weeks. Having planted such tubers, their rooting occurs rather quickly. In growth, they also move quite quickly.

Ways of planting potatoes

"Dutch" technology "has recently become very popular in our country. According to this method, dig a moat depth to 20 cm, into which the tubers are lowered. Between the tubers stand the distance of 10-30 cm, it all depends on the size. Then all the rows are buried. 50-80 cm - this is how much should be the distance between rows.

Planting early potatoes has its own specifics. Usually the method of planting potatoes on the surface is applied. Stacking of tubers is made on the loosened surface, then they are buried by a hoe or rake.

Today, there are many opinions about when to plant potatoes. Some want to plant potatoes in the garden as early as possible. There are also those who start planting only after the earth warms up. We will say that there is no particular difference when planting. Plant when you are comfortable.

Usually emergence occurs in 2-3 weeks after planting. Harrowing of the soil with the help of a rake - this is what will be the first care after planting. Harrowing is performed once before emergence. This is done in order to destroy the crust and a cavity to destroy the weeds. Regular loosening continues throughout the growing season. They are performed after rains and watering. Along with loosening, we carry out the removal of weeds.

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