Caloric content of potatoes

Caloric content of potatoesMany housewives are trying to minimize the use of potatoes. The reason for this is the high calorific value of potatoes. This vegetable is really quite high in calories. 75-80 calories - this is so much contained in 100 grams of potatoes. In terms of its caloric value, this vegetable is twice as high as carrots. If you take other vegetables, for example, cabbage, then compared to it, it is three times more caloric.

Potatoes under straw growing

Potatoes under the strawThe plot of land on which it is planned to grow potatoes under the straw, it is necessary to loosen up. To do this, use the Fokine plane. To a depth of up to 10 cm it is necessary to loosen a strip about 15 in width. The formation of the trench to the depth of the loosened soil is carried out with the same flat-cutter. Further in it the tubers are laid out. After that, with the help of a flat-topped plane, the ground is raked. You need to do this so that a mound is formed. After this planting, it is necessary to cover the straw with a height of 10 cm.

Black potato leg

Black potato leg tagsIn this article, we will talk about such a disease of potatoes as a black leg, as well as methods to combat it.

Bacterial nature underlies this disease. The development of the black leg begins with the roots. Gradually, its transition to the lower part of the stalk of potatoes takes place. Withering of the leaves of young plants, yellowed and twisted leaves are characteristic signs of this disease.

Harvesting potatoes

Technology of potato harvestingWhen growing potatoes, the most time-consuming exercise is cleaning it. However, when a gardener cleans this culture and sees the fruits of his labor, this process is accompanied by positive emotions. There is a desire to continue working on the ground. When it is a question of labor costs when harvesting potatoes, first of all, there are homestead land plots, since this process is automated on the grounds of agricultural enterprises.

Phytophthora of potatoes

Phytophthora on potato tubersThe causative agent of potato phytophthora is the fungus. This disease of this culture in certain years can lead to loss to 10 - 15% of the crop.

Seed tubers are the main way through which this pathogen is entered. The disease is caused by tubers that were slightly affected last year.

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