Potato Nematode

Golden potato nematodeNematodes are pests that attack potatoes, damaging its root system. These worms are 0,5-1,4 mm in size, the base of which is the contents of the root cells.

Soil nematodes cause the greatest harm to this culture. They live in the soil, therefore, it is rather problematic to treat their habitats with the help of chemical preparations.

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Top dressing of potatoes

Top dressing of potatoesДля того чтобы получить хороший урожай картофеля, необходим правильный подход к его выращиванию и не забывать про подкормки. После посадки, через 7-10 дней проводят рыхление почвы глубиной 3 сантиметра. Рыхление проводят с помощью тяпки или граблей, а целью такой операции является уничтожение сорняков и увеличение притока кислорода к клубням растения.

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Hilling of potatoes

Hoeing of potatoesMany do not know when and how to make potatoes hummocking, and whether it is worthwhile to conduct this additional work. Yes, it is necessary to do this, several times - some spend three or four hills during the season.

Hilling is the process of powdering the loosened soil of the lower part of the stems of a plant. This operation is necessary to improve the penetration of oxygen to the tubers, and this in turn has a beneficial effect on the development of tubers.

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Potatoes Zhukovsky early

Assortment of potatoes Zhukovsky earlyPotatoes for most people is the main, and even the desired dish, it is a significant part of our diet. Potatoes are available and popular, you can grow anywhere, but there are many varieties. We will describe one of the best early varieties - the early Zhukovsky potato. The variety is bred in Russia, ripens very quickly, which allows eating it two months after planting.

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Potato yield

Potato yieldThe yield of potatoes is different every year. Some experts believe that it directly depends on the time of planting, for example, mid-ripening varieties do not bring the desired result if they are planted early, when the land has not yet warmed up. The question is: how to increase the potato yields and worries both farmers and ordinary farmers, so let's try to figure it out. Potatoes, as people say, should be planted, when on a birch, which grows nearby, the leaves reach the size of an 10 penny-coin.

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