Potato yield

Potato yieldThe yield of potatoes is different every year. Some experts believe that it directly depends on the time of planting, for example, mid-ripening varieties do not bring the desired result if they are planted early, when the land has not yet warmed up. The question is: how to increase the potato yields and worries both farmers and ordinary farmers, so let's try to figure it out. Potatoes, as people say, should be planted, when on a birch, which grows nearby, the leaves reach the size of an 10 penny-coin.

Planting potatoes

Planting potatoesWhen planting potatoes, several technologies are used. Many people pay much attention to this process. It is from planting that fantastic yields of potatoes largely depend.

Before planting tubers, it is desirable to germinate them. Approximately two weeks before planting, they can be decomposed in a bright place. The thickness of the layer should be 1-2 potatoes. White thin sprouts must be cut off early.

Potato storage

Keeping of potatoesFungal infections are the main culprits of potato damage during its storage. If we talk about the most common, then immediately it is worth mentioning late blight and alternaria. The first prevails in a temperate climate. As for the second, it prevails in the southern regions. In some years, potatoes can be damaged due to fusarium, verticillium, rhizoctonia wilting, anthracnose, phomosis and other lesions.

The Neva potatoes

Potato variety NevskyThe potato variety of Nevsky was bred by our breeders. He managed to become one of the most successful among our truck farmers in a short time. Next, we will consider the merits of this variety, as well as the basic characteristics of potatoes Nevsky.

Vernalization of potatoes

Vernalization of potatoesVernalization of potatoes is a technique used to prepare the tubers for planting. To this event begin a month before planting the tubers into the soil. Carrying out such pre-planting training gives an opportunity to get an early and amicable harvest. Timely planting with the use of vernalized potatoes at 20-30% raises the yield.

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