Preparation of potatoes for planting

Potatoes prepared for plantingProper selection and preparation of potatoes for planting is the key to getting a good harvest in autumn. The most important event for growing potatoes is the preparation of seed material. In many potato growers this procedure is reduced to planting and simple selection of tubers for planting.

Preparation of potatoes should be carried out while harvesting.

Herbicides for potatoes

Herbicides for potatoesThe first thing you need to understand is what is and why herbicides are used in the process of growing potatoes. Herbicides are special preparations that are designed to kill weeds or other unnecessary plants. That is, they are used to destroy weeds growing on potato crops.

Cut off flowers from potatoes

Potato flowersThe vegetative path of reproduction in potatoes developed and improved over several centuries. This led to the fact that the ability to form berries and seeds, many varieties of potatoes were lost. But, despite this, at the present time there are many varieties that are characterized by abundant flowering. If, on the garden plot, several varieties of this crop are grown, the impression of a living multi-colored carpet may be created.

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