Potato yield

Potato yieldThe yield of potatoes is different every year. Some experts believe that it directly depends on the time of planting, for example, mid-ripening varieties do not bring the desired result if they are planted early, when the land has not yet warmed up. The question is: how to increase the potato yields and worries both farmers and ordinary farmers, so let's try to figure it out. Potatoes, as people say, should be planted, when on a birch, which grows nearby, the leaves reach the size of an 10 penny-coin.

Ранние и скороспелые сорта необходимо сажать в непрогретую почву – это является залогом хорошего урожая.

How to increase the potato yield

In order to obtain a large harvest, it is necessary to select the correct method of planting and to provide the plants with optimal growth conditions. Depending on the geographic location of the area of ​​agriculture, this crop can be planted in a way of smooth planting or combing. Applying a smooth planting you will achieve moisture retention in the soil, and with the comb method the tubers will get warmer and more oxygen will come to them.

If the areas under the potatoes are found on peaty or loamy soils that have a high level of groundwater, potatoes are planted on beds. In this case, the soil should be prepared in the autumn - fertilizers and crests are arranged, this method allows landing several weeks earlier from the usual way of planting. Such a surface will accumulate heat, and when cooling it actively gives it to the layer of air that is in the immediate vicinity of the earth, which creates good conditions for the germination and development of potatoes.

Good soils for the ridge method of planting are dark chestnut, loam, clayey chernozem, and sod-podzolic soils with humus content of three percent. Most often, ridges arrange with a distance of 70 centimeters, but in order to get products at the earliest possible time, the distance between the crests is reduced to 60 centimeters.

Ogorodniki still can not give an unambiguous answer as to which Potato planting depth Is optimal. As a result of the research, it was found that on loams this depth is equal to 6-8 centimeters, which allows to significantly reduce the disease of sprouts by rhizoctonia, shoots will be early and amicable. At a height of the crests up to 15 centimeters, potatoes are closed at half height.

Если в вас лёгкая почва, то клубни следует высаживать на глубину до 16 сантиметров с последующим боронованием в два следа. Следует обратить внимание на размер клубней, чем они мельче, тем меньшая должна быть глубина их заделки кроме случаев, когда для их прорастания необходима влага.

On loams with a decrease in the depth of the embankment with 12cm. Up to 6cm. Yields up to 13%, on sandy loams and sandy soils - decreases to 7%. If the tubers are laid deep, then when harvesting, there may be a loss.

The planting rate is chosen depending on the size of the tubers and the necessary nutrition. On average, the density of planting per one hundredth for the fraction 40-70 grams is 600 bushes, if the size of the tubers is less than the specified - 700 plants, large fraction - 500 plants.

The right choice of variety, fertilizer and watering will also help to significantly increase the potato yield.

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