Growing potatoes from seeds

Potatoes from seedsPlanting potatoes with tubers is a habitual way for all of us to grow this crop, but there is another way in which potatoes are grown from seeds. Many of the truck farmers who grow potatoes know that if one variety is used in one area, the yield of the crop falls - one has to either buy new varieties or change. There is also an alternative - to grow potatoes from seeds and thus get an elite sort of potato, which has excellent qualities and yield.

Experienced gardener in their practice apply two methods of seed sowing: 1) planting seedlings 2) sowing seeds in the open ground, on the beds.

The first method, although more time-consuming, but allows you to get a good result from the work. Sow the seeds begin from the first decade of April in special seedlings. When planting seedlings you need to ensure a good soil moisture, seeds are laid to a depth of up to 1 centimeter, the distance between adjacent seeds is 1 centimeter, the distance between rows is 6-8 centimeters.

After sowing seeds, it is necessary to create a certain microclimate, which will promote good germination of plants. For this purpose, the top of the seedling box is stretched with a polyethylene film or covered with a transparent glass.

When two real leaves appear on the plants, they should be broken off from small pots, which will create favorable conditions for the formation of the root system. Seedlings are ready for planting in the open ground in about 40-45 days after sowing the seeds, but before transplanting into the open ground it is recommended to find out the long-term weather forecast.

Planting young plants in an unprotected soil should be protected from possible temperature changes. To do this, you can build a small frame of twigs and cover it with a plastic film. Keep the plants under such cover until the stable warm weather is established, the probability of nocturnal frosts disappears. When planting potatoes using this method, a good harvest can be expected only after a year, because the educated tubers will have a small size.

Now let's look at the second way of growing potatoes from seeds, when seeds are sown immediately into the open ground. Here everything depends on the vagaries of the weather, and the probability of obtaining a large amount of planting material is small. Seeds are sown on several pieces in shallow lunettes; Distance between rows - 60 centimeters, between individual plants about 30 centimeters. When growing potatoes from seeds by this method, plants grow unevenly. Harvest in September, small tubers will be an excellent planting stock for the next year.

Seeds for sowing potatoes can be harvested by yourself. To do this, in August, pick berries and put them in a dry room, so they are ripe. After ripening, the seeds are separated from the pulp and washed. Washed seeds are dried, stored in a dry place protected from sunlight.

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