Vernalization of potatoes

Vernalization of potatoesVernalization of potatoes is a technique used to prepare the tubers for planting. To this event begin a month before planting the tubers into the soil. Carrying out such pre-planting training gives an opportunity to get an early and amicable harvest. Timely planting with the use of vernalized potatoes at 20-30% raises the yield.

Wet or combined - these kinds of vernalization of potatoes. Only healthy tubers are selected for germination. They should not only be healthy, but also not have any damage. Selected tubers must be spread out on boxes in one or two layers. And after that they should be transferred to a bright room, which maintains the temperature regime 15 - 20 ° C. Tubers need to be turned every 5-7 days. If the potato tubers had white sprouts before laying for vernalization, then in this case they must be broken off. If this is not done, then the sleeping eyes will not wake up. An important task is to ensure good lighting. If light is not enough, it can lead to the appearance of elongated and weakened shoots.

When carrying out wet vernalization, the tubers have not only sprouts, but also rootlets. Sawdust or peat is ideal for preparing such tubers for planting. A layer of wet sawdust is poured into a box or other container in which you will be germinating potatoes. Then lay a layer of potatoes, and tops it with another layer of sawdust. Alternating potatoes and sawdust (or peat) the box is filled to the very top.

Begin the wet vernalization of potatoes following 12-18 days before planting. The combined vernalization is carried out as follows: the first time the potato tubers are germinated in the light, and then they are covered with a layer of wet sawdust or peat. Keep tubers in the light should not more than 2 weeks. Another week of tubers should be kept in a moist environment.

The tubers after their germination in the light begin to appear green or purple sprouts, quite strong and with white dots. These white dots are the beginning of future roots at the base and short roots when carrying out wet vernalization. Ideally, the size of these shoots should be up to 1 cm - this is the optimal length. If the sprouts are long, the risk of damage during planting is high.

It has long been proven that vernalization affects the potato yield increase not less than its fertilizer and the correct selection of a variety for your locality. Do not neglect such an uncomplicated and important event when growing potatoes.

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