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Care for strawberries, diseases and pests

The most popular berry of Russian gardens and orchards is strawberry, it is present, practically, on every first plot! In this article, we will look at the example of strawberry methods and methods of planting, care and control of diseases and pests of this garden plant.

Hothouse cultivation of strawberries

Good afternoon! In this article we will consider the issue of growing strawberries in greenhouse conditions. Strawberry, grown in greenhouse conditions, has many advantages:

• during the whole year you can collect strawberries, and the greenhouse method does not affect its taste and useful properties;
• the crop can be obtained in quantities to be sent for sale;

Yield of strawberry

Yield of strawberryThe yield of strawberries depends on the varietal composition of the plantations, and in most cases this is the main factor for obtaining permanent high yields. However, after a certain time, the strawberry bush grows and becomes more massive, even despite the correct selection of varieties. Berries, on the contrary, grow smaller, and their number becomes much less.

Reproduction of strawberries

Reproduction of strawberry bush divisionTo date, strawberries are one of the most popular garden berries. And this is not surprising, because it has great taste and high yield. Therefore, it is understandable the desire of gardeners to increase the area occupied by it, especially as it multiplies easily enough. There are several ways to grow strawberries, consider them in more detail.

Growing strawberries from seeds

Strawberries from seedsGrowing strawberries by rooting mustaches or from purchased seedlings is a common thing. But there is another way - growing strawberries from seeds. Of course, to grow strawberries in this way will have to spend a lot of effort, but the result will be an excellent harvest. Still this method is good because the seeds do not transmit pathogenic viruses.

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