Strawberry Elizabeth 2

Strawberry variety Elizabeth 2The strawberry variety Elizabeth 2 is characterized by powerful weakly leafy bushes. The berries are beautiful, sweet, have a large size, with good care you can get 40 gram berries. A characteristic feature of this variety is high frost resistance and resistance to various diseases characteristic of strawberries. If during the formation of berries is cool weather, they are lengthened and thus increase their size and weight.

The peculiarity of this strawberry variety is brightly red berries, the weight of which with proper care reaches 100 grams, which makes Elizabeth 2 one of the best remontant varieties of strawberry of the world selection. The flesh of the berries is dense, so they can be transported for long distances without loss of quality, from the berries are obtained by-products, besides berries can be frozen in the freezer for the winter.

It should also pay attention to the patchiness of the variety, which allows you to get several times more berries than when growing common varieties of strawberries. So, according to the average statistical data per square meter, such strawberries can be planted up to 10 kilograms of berries.

Blooms and fruiting strawberry Elizabeth 2 from late May to early October, which ensures a long period of berries. This variety can overwinter the already formed buds, so the first fruits appear very early (in the last decade of May, early June).

The cultivar under consideration is grown on a bed, but this is not the limit of the range of the strawberry variety, the Elizabeth 2 grade gives good results when grown in a container or on a balcony, in which case berries can be obtained throughout the year. As we see the positive characteristics of the variety of strawberries in question a lot, but to achieve a good result you need to properly care for the plants.

Клубника Елизавета 2 очень требовательна к плодородию почвы. Так для получения больших ягод придётся постоянно удобрять прикорневую зону растений целым комплексом питательных веществ (калийные, фосфорные и азотные удобрения), эти удобрения вносят перед посадкой клубнике, ведь подкормки совмещённые с поливами могут повредить будущему урожаю ягод.

To ensure that the berries are always clean, and the soil retained moisture after watering, you should use mulching with broken straw or sawdust. Systematic loosening of the soil contributes to the penetration of oxygen to the root system of plants, so it is necessary to perform mandatory loosening after irrigation or rain, preventing the formation of a dense crust on the surface.

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