Strawberry on the windowsill

Growing strawberries on the windowsillStrawberries are a very tasty and healthy berry, which both adults and children love, so it is unlikely that anyone will be able to refuse using it in the winter. But where can I get it, when it's freezing and cold in the street? You can try to grow strawberries on the windowsill. This requires a little effort, a special primer, which must be water and breathable, and additional lighting.

Grow strawberries better on the southern window, since there is more sun. Also on the windowsill you can lay any reflective material. For cultivation at home, the repairing small-fruited varieties of strawberries, especially the ampel, are excellent. Planting strawberries can be produced by seeds or seedlings from the plot.

Growing strawberries on the windowsill of seeds

In a wooden box or pots, pour the expanded clay (fine crushed stone, charcoal) - it will serve as drainage. Next, we fill the soil. You can prepare it yourself from the following components:

  1. Humus - 5 parts,
  2. Sand - 2 parts,
  3. Sheet earth - 3 parts.

The resulting mixture is poured over the drainage, watered and planted seeds. Next you need to periodically water the sown seeds, but very carefully and with room temperature water. The first shoots should be performed in about two weeks. Once this happens, they should be rearranged to the light and covered with glass. When the bushes reach the height of 1-1,5 cm, we plant them in a larger container, at a distance of at least 5 cm. When 5-6 leaflets appear, they can be transplanted to a permanent place on the 2-3 sockets in a fairly large pot.

Growing strawberries on the windowsill of seedlings

When planting seedlings, proceed as follows. In the beginning of autumn it is necessary to take seedlings and plant them in pots with prepared soil. This is done so that the plant can be awakened from hibernation. Then, as necessary, strawberries should be watered, but not in the usual way, but through a drainage hole in the pot. In this case, you need to ensure that there is no overflow of plants.

A few tips:

  • Pots should be on the southern window, and in cloudy weather and in winter time it is necessary to include a table lamp for additional heat and increase the light day.
  • Do not overfeed the plants with organic and nitrogen fertilizers, except biohumus. As this will increase the growth of greenery, but not berries.
  • For top dressing it is better to buy special compounds for strawberries. They contain all the necessary micro- and macro elements.

Performing all these simple conditions, you can grow strawberries on the windowsill and enjoy it for a year!

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