Strawberry Repairing

Repaired strawberryStrawberries are the first berry that appears on our table in the spring. But the period of fructification of ordinary strawberries is small only two, three weeks. For those who dream of a long time getting berries of strawberries there is a new unique sort of this plant - it's a strawberry remontant.

A distinctive feature of this strawberry variety is a large period of fruiting. After the plants have given the first harvest, the kidneys begin to form to form a second fruiting wave, sometimes even this gap between the two crops can not be seen. Some varieties of patched strawberries give berries from late spring to autumn. However, in order to obtain a good and constant harvest of berries, the repair strawberry requires more careful care (watering and ensuring the optimum amount of nutrients in the soil).

The first berries of patched strawberries can be harvested already in the first days of June, although this depends on the variety. The sort of strawberries should be chosen based on their individual tastes and preferences. The second wave of fruiting usually falls on July, and the third lasts from the first of August and continues until the first frost.

Let's take a look at the main advantages that distinguish the rancid varieties of strawberries before the usual ones. First of all, it is an opportunity to obtain several crops per season, high yields, a large size of berries. Of course, there are disadvantages: a little frost resistance, more careful care for plants. With timely and careful care of plants, strawberries will delight you with abundant harvests of delicious berries. If you talk about the varieties of this plant, they differ in the coloring of the fruits (red or yellow berry) and their size. So varieties of repair strawberries, which have berries of small size, have a long fruiting period, and varieties with small berries can have a mustache or be bent.

Varieties of remontant strawberries

Let's take a closer look at varieties of repairing strawberries:

- Irma-variety with powerful shrubs and good resistance to drought.

- Pendant cultivar is used for growing on suspended flowerpots.

- Lubava - a frost resistant grade of universal purpose.

- White dream - a beautiful berry with a whitish tinge, has a taste of pineapple.

Also very popular among the population are such varieties as Tristar, Selva, Red Rich and others. But the hybrid varieties of Queen Elizabeth, Diamond, Sea Landscape, Brighton are characterized by continuous fruit bearing.

Plants reproduce with the help of mustaches and seeds. If you plant seeds in late May, then in the summer you can get the first harvest of berries. You should know that the second year of vegetation of the plant is the biggest harvest. To accelerate the ripening of berries, the strawberry area should be covered with polyethylene film or agrofiber. Since most varieties of repair strawberries have a slight frost resistance, plants in winter should be covered with a thick layer of snow.

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