The best strawberries

StrawberriesStrawberries are an amazing berry, which thanks to its sweet taste has managed to conquer the whole world. All cultivated varieties of strawberries belong to the same species - large-berry garden strawberry. The difference of different varieties is their different yield in the same growing conditions. Therefore, in order to obtain the maximum yield, the best varieties should be selected depending on the agroclimatic conditions of the region.

Also, when choosing a variety, one should take into account the time of fruiting, that is, one plantation needs to simultaneously grow early, medium, middle and late varieties. This combination will prolong the period of ripening of berries. In addition, strawberries can be divided into:

  • Repaired,
  • For protected soil,
  • For open ground.

Let's consider some examples for each of these species.

Best remontant strawberries

Repair varieties of strawberries are good because they are able to yield several crops per vegetation period.

Ада - первый урожай созревает вместе со средними сортами, второй - в августе и плодоносит до заморозков. Ярко-красные удлиненные ягоды стандартного размера. Куст средней величины, с умеренным количеством листьев имеет пониженную зимостойкость, поэтому предпочтителен для регионов со снежной зимой. Достаточно распространен в садоводстве. Урожайность составляет до 130 кг с сотки.

Repair Kievskaya - the average maturity period. The second stage of harvesting is August and before frosts. The berries are large enough, dark red, fragrant. The bush is high dense. The variety is winter hardy. It is grown on private plots. Yields up to 180 kg / weaving.

Strawberry varieties for greenhouses

Vola - a variety with an average maturity, high-yielding. In the first collection of berries large elongated, in the second - spherical. The bushes are medium and strong, erect.

Burned - a powerful bush, which in a short time forms a lot of mustache. Large spherical berries of light red color. The variety is high-yielding. Recommended for winter greenhouses or premises.

Strawberry varieties for open ground

The most popular and the best varieties of strawberries for open ground are: "Dawn" with yields up to 195 kg from weave, "Rusalovka" - up to 170 kg from weave, "Pocahontas" - up to 200 kg from weave, "Talisman" - up to 200 kg with Weave, "Desna" - up to 210 kg with weaving and others.

Also highly in demand are high-yielding varieties of strawberries: Albion, Honey, Victoria, Mashenka, etc.

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