Transplanting strawberries

Transplanting strawberriesEvery year a new growth appears on the strawberry. Leaves, mustaches and peduncles appear in the process of its formation. In the fourth year, the formation of growth ceases, which leads to a decrease in yields. In this regard, you need to take care of laying a plantation in a new place. Transplantation of strawberries in spring is performed before flowering or early autumn (September-early October).

Transplanting strawberries in spring

At the spring transplant work is done as early as possible (preferably in early April). To grow strawberries are taken young rosettes, which were formed on long shoots, grown from a mother plant. Plants for sockets should be selected no older than 3 years. After rooting a young plant, it is possible to separate from the main bush and plant it in a new place.

Remember that the soil should be slightly acidic loamy or sandy loamy, well-lit place. You can lay the plantation in the place where the beans used to grow, but should not be used to place the strawberry beds after the cucumber or the Solanaceae family.

Two months before planting, you need to dig up the soil and carefully remove all the weeds. Also, during the digging process, you can add a small amount of humus, potash and phosphoric fertilizers. The day before planting the site must be watered.

For landing, you must choose a cloudy day. Rooted young plants are excavated, the earth is shaken off the root system, and the roots themselves are plucked by a quarter of the length. Also, before planting, the roots can be dipped in a mixture of water, clay and manure.

After transplanting, the strawberry is watered, the soil is covered with peat or sawdust.

Transplanting strawberries in autumn

In addition to the spring transplant, it is also possible to have an autumn transplant, which is most preferable for most gardeners. The soil becomes most suitable for transplantation sometime in the beginning of September, but in general, can be transplanted between August and October. Observance of the specified terms will allow the root system to get stronger before the onset of the first colds.

When transplanting strawberries in autumn, you need to make sure there are no larvae of May beetles or wireworms in the soil, as they are very dangerous for the plant. The rest of the work is practically the same as the spring transplant. For the winter, young bushes can be covered with cover material, so that the wintering for them is even easier and painless.

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