Strawberry preparation for winter

Strawberry preparation for winterCarry out procedures for preparing strawberries for wintering - the occupation is not difficult, but compulsory. Also in autumn, in addition to preparing strawberries for the winter, preventive measures are taken to combat pests.

A healthy leaf plant is a natural protection of the kidneys from frosts. In connection with this autumn, it is necessary to carry out actions to eliminate pests and treat diseases, as well as make timely fertilizing with potassium and phosphate fertilizers.

Some tips on how to properly prepare strawberries for winter:

  • Loosening should be carried out immediately after harvesting, so that before the onset of cold weather the roots have time to recover.
  • After loosening, the soil should be walled up - this will prevent cracking of the soil in frost.
  • The removal of weeds should be left for the spring, since weeding can damage the roots of the strawberry, which is very dangerous before frost.
  • Check to see if the roots of the neck are visible from the ground. In those places where it is necessary, sprinkle the earth.

How to cover strawberries for the winter

From frost, strawberries will be protected by snow. If the snow is snowless or little snow, you can use the covering material - straw, leaves, spruce, etc. Young plants should be sheltered completely, large bushes should be rounded. However, one should be careful, as with increased moisture and frequent thawing plants under such a coating can vypret and die. Therefore, these materials are used when it is possible to remove them.

In addition, under the straw, mice can arrange their nests, damaging the roots of plants. The optimal option will be the use of spruce or pine pine needles, which is sufficiently air-permeable and excludes damming. When the snow falls, it should be thrown on the beds with strawberries.

You can use special artificial materials, which are stretched on the arches, installed on the beds. The result is a tunnel design, the so-called air-dry method of shelter. This method perfectly protects against cold, does not delay the evaporation of moisture and lets in sunlight. It is used mainly in small areas. It is not advisable to place the covering material directly on the plants, since in the places of contact the freezing will be even stronger than in the open ground conditions.

To cover strawberries for the winter is better not before the first established frosts, to enable it to temper. So it will be easier to bear winter cold. The temperature should go down gradually, so a weak frost will only go for strawberries.

While preparing strawberries for wintering, it is necessary to take into account the microclimate and the location of the site. In some areas it is enough to mulch, and in others there is no way to do without shelter. But, most importantly, the plants must be healthy, then they will not be afraid of any cold.

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