Feeding of strawberries

Feeding strawberries in springAny gardener knows that without a regular and high-quality fertilizing you can forget about a good harvest of strawberries, so it is an obligatory procedure in nursing. At the same time, it must be carried out qualitatively and on time.

For the first year, it is sufficient to use a solution that includes: ammonium - 1 tablespoon, mulberry gruel - 2 glass and 10 liters of water. You should pour a liter of fertilizing under each bush.

To feed two-year strawberries in spring apply the same solution, only first loosen the soil with the addition of wood ash: 2 glass on 1 m2. You can also use the following method of fertilizing: a bucket of nettle is poured with warm water and insisted for several days. The result is an excellent biofertilizer, which enhances the growth of strawberries. The solution needs to spray the bush when it only begins to form and re-after harvesting.

When to feed strawberries

To carry out top dressing of a strawberry it is necessary three times for a year.

The first strawberry dressing is in the early spring after pruning. At this time, complex mineral or organic fertilizers are introduced. Fertilize should be under the root, about 0,5 l fertilizer under each bush.

The second top dressing is required during the budding and ripening of the fruit, as the lack of potassium begins. As a fertilizer, you can use chicken manure, ash or potassium nitrate. During the growth of the ovaries and flowering it is possible to spray the bush with microelements, this will significantly increase its yield.

The last top dressing is done after harvesting and pruning. Organic or complex mineral fertilizers are introduced. The introduction of urea in August will contribute to the laying and growth of the kidneys, which will increase the yield for the next year.

Foliar top dressing of strawberry

Также клубника хорошо отзывается на внекорневую подкормку, которая проводится в три этапа.

The first fertilizing is performed on young leaves, the second - during flowering, the third - during the ovary. To create a solution, manganese potassium is used in the amount of 3 g, boric acid - 2 g and fertilizers used for planting. For the flowering period, the proportions are halved, and to them is added potassium sulphate - 2

Во время внекорневой прикормки необходимо смачивать листья растений с обеих сторон, в особенности нижнюю часть, так как она впитывает в 10 раз больше удобрений, чем верхняя.

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