Irrigation of strawberry

Irrigation of strawberries during floweringМногие еще неопытные садоводы, начиная выращивать клубнику, задаются вопросом: нужно ли ее поливать, когда и в каких количествах. Во избежание таких вопросов предлагаем вам прочитать представленную статью.

The root system of the strawberry is located in the surface layer of the soil at a shallow depth, so it can not use moisture from the deep layers of the earth. This means that periodic watering should be done.

Суглинистая почва требует более обильного полива, чем почва с легким механическим составом. Примерные нормы составляют 120 м3 And 80 m3 respectively. Water the strawberries only in the early hours, so that the moistened plant had time to dry by night. Before the beginning of flowering, it can be sprinkled with sprinkling method, due to this, the leaves are cleared of dust and develop better. Special attention should be given to moistening the soil after planting and пересадки клубники осенью And in the spring.

From the flowering period to fruiting, only soil should be watered, trying not to fall on the leaves. Do not water strawberries too often in small doses, as this can lead to serious diseases, including fungal.

How often to water strawberries

When is it necessary to start watering the strawberries so that it will benefit and not harm? - one of the most common questions.

In dry spring, watering can begin from the end of April. In the next three months: May, June and July, it is enough to produce three watering a month, and in August and September - no more than two. Watering should be done in October, the amount of water will depend on the composition of the soil.

The approximate rate of irrigation is 10-12 l / m2.

Irrigation of strawberries during flowering

Именно во время цветения корневая система клубники остро реагирует на нехватку влаги, поэтому в это время ее просто необходимо обеспечить полноценным водным режимом. Тем более что правильный полив минимизирует угрозу потери урожая, а также исключает заражение таким заболеванием как серая гниль. Самым эффективным во время цветения является капельный полив.

When manually watering it should be taken into account that you can not use cold water, watering works should be done early in the morning, and during rains it is better to cover strawberries with a light film. The norm of watering during flowering and fruiting is 20-25 l / m2, So that the soil becomes impregnated to a depth of 25 cm.

Also, to save moisture, pine needles can be used, which is laid out on the ridges with strawberries.

Thus, to get a good harvest, you should water strawberries practically all year round:

  • In the spring - when the leaves grow, especially if the winter was very little;
  • During flowering,
  • During the ripening period of berries,
  • After harvesting and in the fall in dry weather.

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