Planting strawberries

Planting strawberriesThe first abundant harvest of strawberries in a new place can be obtained by planting plants from August last year. It should be noted that for planting in a new place, plants are selected that are two to three years old, which will prevent contamination of strawberries by various diseases. In the old place, the culture can be returned only after the expiration of six years from the moment it was removed from there.

Plant strawberries on a new site can be at different times, let's deal with this.

Planting strawberries in spring

Before planting strawberries in the spring, preliminary soil preparation is required - it should be thoroughly digged and filled with useful substances. For each square meter of soil under the strawberry, the following fertilizers are applied: superphosphate - 50 grams, potash fertilizers - 20 grams, manure - up to 6 kilograms. The best time to plant a strawberry in spring is April.

The best crops that precede planting strawberries are: beans, radish, mustard, peas, radish, parsley, garlic. Plant the plants, observing the following distances: between the rows - 80 centimeters, between neighboring plants in a row of 20-30 centimeters. A good survival of crops will contribute to cloudy weather on the day of planting - it is best to conduct this operation in the evening. When planting strawberries in the spring, you must ensure that the heart of the rosette is at the same level with the soil - before planting the soil is watered.

Planting strawberries in autumn

The undeniable advantage of planting strawberries in autumn is the fact that next year you can get the first crop, when planting in the spring, a whole period of vegetation is lost. In autumn strawberries should be planted from the middle of August to the end of September. The soil must be prepared as follows: first the soil is digested, then useful substances are introduced.

Planting strawberries in autumn is as follows. First, using a stretched cord, rows of strawberries are noted. Then, under the cord of the trowel, holes for plants are cut out with a distance of 20-30 centimeters - water is poured into these holes, about half a liter per well and plants are planted, two in each well. After planting strawberries are used to cover plants with straw, the soil must closely cover the roots of the plant.

Planting strawberries with seeds

Seeds of strawberries need to be poured into a well-moistened earth, but do not sprinkle. Then the box with seeds is covered with polyethylene and left for several days in a refrigerator or other place in which it is possible to maintain a constant temperature within + 5 ... + 7 degrees. After the seeds have settled, they are brought into a room with a temperature of + 22 degrees and shade, but the soil must be constantly moist. To ensure that the seeds do not spread over the box when watering, the watering is carried out with the help of snow, which is evenly absorbed into the soil.

The first shoots of strawberries will appear approximately in 20-25 days after sowing seeds - at this time it is necessary to remove the shading. Seedlings are dived into pre-prepared containers in the phase of two leaves. Strawberries are ready for planting after reaching 5-6 leaflets. Usually such a result is achieved during the January or February seeding periods.

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