Reproduction of strawberries

Reproduction of strawberry bush divisionTo date, strawberries are one of the most popular garden berries. And this is not surprising, because it has great taste and high yield. Therefore, it is understandable the desire of gardeners to increase the area occupied by it, especially as it multiplies easily enough. There are several ways to grow strawberries, consider them in more detail.

Reproduction of strawberry bush division

For this method, some varieties of repair strawberry are suitable, in which the whiskers are absent or very few. For this purpose, large, high-yielding bushes of 3-x summer with a well-developed root system are selected. Autumn or spring the bush is dug out and carefully divided into parts. For planting, you can use every young shoot with a rosette of leaves and roots.

Reproduction of strawberry with mustache

Reproduction of whiskers is the simplest and most popular way. The fact is that from each shoot a new rosette of leaves appears, which eventually takes root. As a result, a new bush of strawberries. To improve the planting material, you need to remove flowers from those shrubs that you want to multiply. Then from each plant should be kept no more than 3 large outlets, everything else must be removed with the mustache. The strongest are rosettes located near the mother plant, so they should be used first for planting.

For better rooted rosettes, you need to make sure that the soil is wet and loose. Nitrogen fertilizers can also be used. Just do not rush to the branch of a young rosette, because at first it feeds on the mother's bush. After rooting, newly formed shrubs are separated and transplanted to a new location. Carry out a transplant is recommended in early September.

Reproduction of strawberry seeds

Seeds are sown in early spring in containers or boxes. With proper care, sprouts appear in a month. Transplant plants in the ground can be with the appearance of five real leaves. You can buy ready-made seeds in a store or prepare them yourself.

Which of the three ways of breeding strawberries to choose, each horticulturist decides independently, most importantly, to get the desired result, that is, a large high-yield strawberry plantation. Initially, you can try all three methods to subsequently choose the one that suits you best.

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