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Feeding of strawberries

Feeding strawberries in springAny gardener knows that without a regular and high-quality fertilizing you can forget about a good harvest of strawberries, so it is an obligatory procedure in nursing. At the same time, it must be carried out qualitatively and on time.

For the first year, it is sufficient to use a solution that includes: ammonium - 1 tablespoon, mulberry gruel - 2 glass and 10 liters of water. You should pour a liter of fertilizing under each bush.

Irrigation of strawberry

Irrigation of strawberries during floweringМногие еще неопытные садоводы, начиная выращивать клубнику, задаются вопросом: нужно ли ее поливать, когда и в каких количествах. Во избежание таких вопросов предлагаем вам прочитать представленную статью.

The root system of the strawberry is located in the surface layer of the soil at a shallow depth, so it can not use moisture from the deep layers of the earth. This means that periodic watering should be done.

Transplanting strawberries

Transplanting strawberriesEvery year a new growth appears on the strawberry. Leaves, mustaches and peduncles appear in the process of its formation. In the fourth year, the formation of growth ceases, which leads to a decrease in yields. In this regard, you need to take care of laying a plantation in a new place. Transplantation of strawberries in spring is performed before flowering or early autumn (September-early October).

The best strawberries

StrawberriesStrawberries are an amazing berry, which thanks to its sweet taste has managed to conquer the whole world. All cultivated varieties of strawberries belong to the same species - large-berry garden strawberry. The difference of different varieties is their different yield in the same growing conditions. Therefore, in order to obtain the maximum yield, the best varieties should be selected depending on the agroclimatic conditions of the region.

Growing strawberries in the suburbs

Strawberries in the Moscow regionStrawberries are loved by everyone, without exception, for their taste. However, not everyone is able to grow it, as it is rather capricious and requires constant care. Therefore, several of the tips below on the correct planting and growing strawberries in the suburbs will not be superfluous.

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