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Growing strawberries in the suburbs

Strawberries in the Moscow regionStrawberries are loved by everyone, without exception, for their taste. However, not everyone is able to grow it, as it is rather capricious and requires constant care. Therefore, several of the tips below on the correct planting and growing strawberries in the suburbs will not be superfluous.

Strawberry on the windowsill

Growing strawberries on the windowsillStrawberries are a very tasty and healthy berry, which both adults and children love, so it is unlikely that anyone will be able to refuse using it in the winter. But where can I get it, when it's freezing and cold in the street? You can try to grow strawberries on the windowsill. This requires a little effort, a special primer, which must be water and breathable, and additional lighting.

Fertilizers for strawberries

Fertilizers for strawberriesEvery gardener knows that strawberries need to be fertilized regularly. However, if you are a beginning gardener and have just started growing it, you may not know which fertilizers can be used for fertilizing strawberries. Therefore, consider some of the most popular fertilizers.

Strawberry preparation for winter

Strawberry preparation for winterCarry out procedures for preparing strawberries for wintering - the occupation is not difficult, but compulsory. Also in autumn, in addition to preparing strawberries for the winter, preventive measures are taken to combat pests.

A healthy leaf plant is a natural protection of the kidneys from frosts.

Care for strawberries

Care for strawberriesStrawberries produce good yields on fertile soils, but the peculiarities of this culture are that they literally eat up all the useful substances for 2-4 years of vegetation, so it is recommended to transplant the culture at the time of this time. But except for a timely transplant, you need to properly care for strawberries in spring and autumn.

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