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Growing strawberries all year round

Growing strawberries all year roundStrawberries have long been considered one of the most delicious berries, but many do not know that it can be grown throughout the year and get not only a delicious berry on your table, but also a pretty good profit.

A large profit can bring strawberry growing all year round in greenhouses. The availability of special equipment for monitoring all indicators (air humidity, temperature, light duration) reduces labor costs.

Strawberry Repairing

Repaired strawberryStrawberries are the first berry that appears on our table in the spring. But the period of fructification of ordinary strawberries is small only two, three weeks. For those who dream of a long time getting berries of strawberries there is a new unique sort of this plant - it's a strawberry remontant.

A distinctive feature of this strawberry variety is a large period of fruiting.

Planting strawberries

Planting strawberriesThe first abundant harvest of strawberries in a new place can be obtained by planting plants from August last year. It should be noted that for planting in a new place, plants are selected that are two to three years old, which will prevent contamination of strawberries by various diseases. In the old place, the culture can be returned only after the expiration of six years from the moment it was removed from there.

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