Hothouse cultivation of strawberries

Good afternoon! In this article we will consider the issue of growing strawberries in greenhouse conditions. Strawberry, grown in greenhouse conditions, has many advantages:

• during the whole year you can collect strawberries, and the greenhouse method does not affect its taste and useful properties;
• the crop can be obtained in quantities to be sent for sale;

• The greenhouse can save a lot of space;
• growing berries does not depend on weather conditions;
• The greenhouse guarantees the preservation of the crop.

In winter, growing a variety of plants requires a warm place. A greenhouse effect is created in the greenhouse.

The most optimal option is a glasshouse made of glass or cellular plastic. Such a structure will serve for a long time.
To date, to create greenhouses very rarely resort to glass. Most often construct structures from honeycomb carbonate. This material is reliable and durable with excellent thermal insulation.
In terms of economy, it is more profitable to use greenhouses made of polymer films. Yes, and they will serve for several years.
The frame of the greenhouse should be built as smoothly as possible. And the film is better to draw on the specialists.
The greenhouse frame can be put into operation only after the painting has dried. This is very important when growing strawberries and other fruit crops.
Before the construction of greenhouses, it is necessary to consider where they will be located. Experts advise to install a greenhouse in such a way that its end part was on the sunny side.
It is very important that the film does not sag, so it must be carefully pulled. The reliability of the design determines the size of the crop.
To use the greenhouse all year, it is better to choose strong materials. And it is even better to buy a ready-made set, for example, by buying Greenhouses in growpro, You will get an inexpensive, high-quality and practical "helper" for your garden.

The volume of the harvest depends on the heating system installed in the greenhouse, the conditions (watering and top dressing), and also on the selected varieties.

The most popular European varieties, characterized by a special fertility:

• Elsanta;
• "Darcelent";
• "Khonya";
• Sonata;
• The Crown.

Most of the root vegetables sold in stores are grown in greenhouses. This suggests that such a method is quite popular.
The volume of the crop depends to a certain extent on the soil. Before planting the land requires peat feeding. Fertilizers are purchased in specialized stores.
Strawberries are planted at a temperature not lower than 15 ° C. The shrub strawberry is transferred, not shaking off the roots of the earth, so it is better to settle down in a new place. Many, before planting strawberries, mulch the ground with sawdust, distributing them near the bushes.
Fruit culture should be regularly, but moderately watered. From excess moisture, the berry begins to rot, lose its taste and become watery.
In greenhouse cultivation, strawberries will have to be pollinated on their own.
Strawberries require careful care. Initially, it is grown in polyethylene bags, which should be a thickness of 0,2 mm.
Thus, growing strawberries in greenhouse conditions is a difficult process, requiring patience. But, carefully studying the information on the care of this culture, you can harvest a good harvest.

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