Care for strawberries

Care for strawberriesStrawberries produce good yields on fertile soils, but the peculiarities of this culture are that they literally eat up all the useful substances for 2-4 years of vegetation, so it is recommended to transplant the culture at the time of this time. But except for a timely transplant, you need to properly care for strawberries in spring and autumn.

Care for strawberries in spring

In the spring, strawberry bushes are weak after the winter, so first of all you need to find and remove all the frozen crops, and at the same time remove the leaves in healthy crops that have suffered from frost or shriveled. Strawberries should be cleaned from straw or other mulch that protects strawberries from frost, then loosen rows and feed on weakened plants. For Top dressing of strawberries in spring Use a solution consisting of water (10 liters), liquid mullein (half liter) and ammonium sulfate (30 grams). All components are thoroughly mixed and watering the bush (0,5 liter per bush).

In addition, in the spring time you need to take care of the normal moistening of plants, but the amount of watering depends on the weather. When drought, loosen rows and conduct watering the plants with warm water. Periodicity of watering - once in 5-7 days, but watering should be abundant.

When caring for strawberries in the summer, every week in the morning, watering plants. In doing so, use only warm water. In the care of strawberries in the summer includes systematic weeding beds combined with the removal of weeds. To reduce the evaporation of moisture and the destruction of weeds at the first stage of their vegetation, Planting strawberries соломой. Мульчирование также предохраняет плоды от загрязнения, которое появляется на ягодах после сильных дождей. Обычно в начале лета клубника начинает плодоносить, ягоды срывают утром, после чего их ставят в холодное место. В это время также следят за общим состоянием растений, проводят профилактические меры по борьбе с вредителями и заболеваниями.

Caring for strawberries in autumn

The culture tolerates winter frosts well, but at this time it is recommended to cover the plantings with a layer of snow of thickness 20-30 centimeters, this will allow to withstand frosts to -25 degrees. In the case of winters with little snow and large frosts, strawberry bushes can freeze, so it is recommended to cover the area with a thick layer of straw.

The last work on caring for strawberries before winter is the correct shelter of plants for the winter. The greatest danger to plants is the large frosts in the winters with little snow, so the plants are covered with a thick layer of straw. You can also spend hilling the plant bushes with compost mixed with peat, after which they are sheltered. Such hilling will help improve the plant nutrient environment.

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