Care for strawberries, diseases and pests

The most popular berry of Russian gardens and orchards is strawberry, it is present, practically, on every first plot! In this article, we will look at the example of strawberry methods and methods of planting, care and control of diseases and pests of this garden plant.


The best time for planting strawberries is early spring or mid-August. The bushes planted in the spring easily take root and hibernate. Landing in August also has advantages - the number of seedling material and good yield for the next year.

Before planting, you should choose a place in the sun, dig it and make organic fertilizers. It is necessary to make holes at a distance:
• Bushes on 20 cm;
• Rows up to 70 cm;
• For lines up to 30,

In the fossa also need to bring in the organic and water. Planted rosette so that the point of growth was on par with the ground. The planted territory is covered with straw or special material.

On seedlings take a strong mustache with a strong rosette. Usually the first antennae are buried, then they are transplanted for seedling material. If there are no harvested seedlings, then when buying should pay attention to their appearance. Well-developed roots and the presence of healthy leaves are the guarantee of a future good harvest.
Methods of planting can be as follows:
1. One line (row);
2. In two lines (row in checkerboard order);
3. Under a special fiber;
4. Vertical way in containers.


During the whole season strawberry bushes need constant attention. In order to obtain an abundant and healthy harvest, you should:

1. Trim the antennae. Used secateurs or garden shears. As a result, the bush does not expend its energy on the formation of new outlets. An interruption can damage the roots. It will take a long time to recover instead of the expected growth;
2. Loosen the soil. This is excellent for the evaporation of water. As a result of this, the root system will be completely absent and the weed growth will be prevented;
3. Water and feed. Strawberries do not like drying out. It is recommended to feed your pets with wood ash, compost, manure and mineral fertilizers, because after a period of fruiting the bushes become weaker;
4. Weed. The most natural work on the beds, if you do not want to see strawberries overgrown and oppressed by harmful weeds, which take nutrients and moisture out of the soil;
5. Clean and trim the dried leaves. Dead leaves and bad berries, left on the beds, contribute to the development of bacteria, diseases and pest life. From this it follows that timely care is a guarantee of a healthy life of plants for the next year.

In the last decade of August, only the middle should be left on the strawberry bushes. All scraps must be burned to prevent the return of parasites and diseases. It is necessary to cover the berry with straw or sawdust. Mulch will retain moisture in the soil and protect in the future from frost.

Diseases and pests

Strawberry is prone to such diseases as:
1. Gray rot, it is recommended timely removal of dry berries of dead plants;
2. Powdery mildew, it is necessary to spray copper sulfate, topaz, pollination with sulfur;
3. Leaf spot, should be treated with a Bordeaux mixture;
4. Wilting the bush, you need to remove and burn;
5. Infection with pests requires the use of the following drugs: carbofos, zemlin, metaldehyde, azofos. Also, a solution of garlic, chamomile, wood ash, marigolds is used.
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