Growing strawberries from seeds

Strawberries from seedsGrowing strawberries by rooting mustaches or from purchased seedlings is a common thing. But there is another way - growing strawberries from seeds. Of course, to grow strawberries in this way will have to spend a lot of effort, but the result will be an excellent harvest. Still this method is good because the seeds do not transmit pathogenic viruses.

Strawberry seeds can be bought in the store or harvested independently. Grow strawberries from house seeds only from classic varieties. For this, it is necessary to choose the largest and ripe fruits from well-developed healthy shrubs, in which it is necessary to separate the outer layer with the seeds. It is better to take seeds located at the base and from the middle part. The resulting pulp should be put in a cloth and carefully, so as not to crush the seeds, rub them and then rinse.

Высадка семян производится весной, примерно в конце февраля – начале марта, поэтому осенью их нужно подсушить и поместить на хранение в стеклянную тару в сухое прохладное место. Семена сохраняют свою всхожесть до 4 лет.

Planting strawberries with seeds Already described, highlight the main points. Soil for seeding should have the following characteristics: lightness and friability for good aeration and drainage. The most suitable is a mixture of garden land and river sand. Acidity should be neutral. In addition, it is not necessary to feed and fertilize the soil.

Before planting, mandatory decontamination of the soil is necessary, as the seeds are very susceptible to diseases and are the favorite food of many pests. Disinfection can be done by roasting in the oven.

For landing, boxes or containers with a height of 10 are used. The soil is laid out in the following layers:

  1. Drainage - 1-2 cm,
  2. The soil is half the height of the container.

Immediately before planting, the seeds should be soaked for 1 an hour in manganese solution, and then after 48 hours in ordinary water. It is completely impossible to immerse the seeds, it is advisable to use a damp cotton cloth.

The seeds of the strawberry are small enough, so they perform a superficial landing. To evenly distribute the seeds, use a needle or toothpick. Then the container is covered with a film, receiving a miniature greenhouse.

Care of seedlings of strawberry

The planted seeds are daily ventilated and watered with a sprayer in such a way that they do not move them from their place. With proper care seed germination will begin in a few days, but you can finally remove the film when two full leaves appear.

Also for additional ventilation, small holes in the film can be made, for example with a knitting needle. After the appearance of the first shoots, the seedlings should be exposed to 1-1,5 h under direct sun rays, preferably in the morning. After the final removal of the film, the time should be gradually increased, and it is also possible to start seedlings on the street for hardening.

The planting is planted with seedlings that have 5 full leaflets and a week-long hardening. By the time this should be, approximately, the end of May.

Planting seedlings of strawberries in the open ground

Planted seedlings must be planted on a cloudy day in the morning.

Открытый грунт перекапывают с осени на глубину 30 см, а весной обязательно боронят на глубину 14 см. На подготовленном участке выкапываются лунки на расстоянии 15 см друг от друга и на 25 см между рядами. А вот глубина лунки должна быть подобрана оптимально точно, так как куст высаживается строго по правилам: корневая система в почве, а розочка листочков над ней. Запомните: сильно заглубленная корневая система слабо развивается и, в конце концов, погибает, но и при слишком близком расположении к поверхности она также высохнет и погибнет.

Then the Care as an ordinary strawberry. The result is a crop that yields nothing less than a crop with the traditional method of planting. Fruiting of strawberries grown from seeds begins in the second year.

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