Growing strawberries all year round

Growing strawberries all year roundStrawberries have long been considered one of the most delicious berries, but many do not know that it can be grown throughout the year and get not only a delicious berry on your table, but also a pretty good profit.

Большую прибыль может принести выращивание клубники круглый год в теплицах. Наличие специального оборудования контроля за всеми показателями (влажность воздуха, температура, длительность светового дня) уменьшает трудозатраты. Но есть и другой вариант – выращивание клубники в частном доме с использованием мешков с питательной смесью.

The first variant of growing strawberries is more suitable for people who have significant money because the initial costs include buying or installing greenhouses themselves, purchasing the necessary equipment.

In our time, not everyone has great money, so consider the second option of growing strawberries all year round at home in the private sector, since this option is more economical. First of all, it is necessary to allocate a room for culture, at the first stage it will be quite enough two, three square meters. Room conditions are very suitable for cultivating this crop (constant monitoring of the development of culture will be conducted). Seedlings of strawberries are planted in bags made of polyethylene film with a diameter of 15-18 centimeters. The film should be thick 2-3 millimeters, the length of the bag about 2 meters.

With a large height of the floor, you can place bags with a substrate you two tiers, in this case the useful area will be saved and the amount of harvest will increase. As a substrate, peat mixed with mineral fertilizers can be used. The bag is filled with a substrate, after which the holes are made in a staggered way through 20-25 centimeters in the film. It is important to ensure that fresh air is introduced into the building, which will cool the heating substrate.

Strawberry is a light-loving culture, so it will be better if the room in which strawberries are grown all year round has a large glazing area, this will reduce the energy costs necessary for lighting a dark room. The length of the light day should be about 16 hours, in which case the first berries will appear only a month after the transplanting. In addition to the correct lighting, you should pay attention to the air temperature in the room (18-20 degrees) and humidity, about 75%.

The nutrient substrate must be constantly wet, so it's best to use strawberry drip irrigation by adjusting the amount of water needed to the bag. It is known that the requirement of strawberries in water is about 2 liters of water per day. Drip irrigation can be replaced by capacity and tubes with a dispenser, which are used for droppers.

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