Growing strawberries in the suburbs

Strawberries in the Moscow regionStrawberries are loved by everyone, without exception, for their taste. However, not everyone is able to grow it, as it is rather capricious and requires constant care. Therefore, several of the tips below on the correct planting and growing strawberries in the suburbs will not be superfluous.

Planting strawberries in the suburbs

The best time for planting strawberries in the Moscow region is at the end of August. However, if for some reason you did not manage to drop the strawberries on time, you can do it in April. Before planting, you need to determine the site. It is best to choose the sunny, level and closed from the wind place. The soil must be loamy or sandy loam with inclusions of humus.

After the site is found it should be prepared, namely to clear of weeds, thoroughly dig, razorovnyat rake and shed a solution of copper sulfate. Then, holes are prepared not more than 20 cm in depth, the main thing is that the root of the root is on a level with the soil. Distance between the holes 25 cm, between the rows - 80, see.

Immediately before planting, the wells are moderately watered. Seedlings are planted with the obligatory spreading of the roots, which should be sprinkled with earth. After planting, it is necessary to produce light watering.

Caring for strawberries in the suburbs does not differ from leaving in other regions, that is, includes circumcision of mustaches, weeding and timely feeding.

The best strawberries for the Moscow region

However, the yield of strawberries is influenced not only by the correct technology of cultivation, but by the selected variety. Consider several varieties that are ideal for growing in the suburbs.

  • Очень популярен у подмосковных садоводов сорт «Фестивальная ромашка», который плодоносит вкусными ягодами, которые достаточно долго хранятся.
  • Kokorin's early strawberry is bred by Russian breeders, and therefore has excellent frost resistance. Berries have a great taste and dense consistency.
  • High-yielding variety "Elvira" is suitable for growing in a greenhouse. Fruits large sweet berries of bright red color.

Also in the suburbs it is possible to grow quite freely such strawberry varieties as Albion, Aromas, Bohemia, Vicoda, Diamant and others. When choosing varieties for your site, do not forget: for longer fruiting, it is better to combine several varieties with different maturation periods. And even if the berries are not the largest, the main thing is that they are grown personally by you.

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