We care for the orchid together

Orchids have conquered many hearts with their beauty. Not everyone decides to acquire their own beauty because of rumors about the complexity of care, high demanding colors. In fact, once you understand, you will see that it is not so difficult, but the result is worth it. The plants sold in shops are hybrids, adapted to life in the room.

Transplantation of phalaenopsis orchids and production of substrate

Transplantation of phalaenopsis orchids and production of substrateMaking a substrate for an orchid at home

If you have a desire, then to make a substrate of the house will not be difficult.
So, the components:
1. Pine or fir bark. It can easily be found in forest parks.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis is one of the species of orchids that has won the hearts of many amateur flower growers. This species is considered the most popular.
Before you buy a plant, it must be inspected and make sure that it is in excellent condition. Initially, you need to inspect the leaves. In a healthy plant, the leaves have a rich green color, they are dense to the touch, without any defects, stains and damage. Then, you need to examine the root system of the flower.

Reproduction of anthurium

Reproduction of anthurium vegetativeThe anthurium multiplies in several ways, which we will describe:

  • Vegetatively (root cuttings),
  • From seeds,
  • The apex of the stem (stem cuttings).

Why the anthurium does not bloom

Anthurium does not bloomI wonder how the anthurium starts to bloom. Flowering is initially almost imperceptible, because the bud has the same color as the plant itself, and it will change color gradually, at one perfect time there will be an ugly duckling by a beautiful white swan.

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