Anthurium care at home

Anthurium careIn nature, there are several hundred species of anthurium, they differ in the shade or color of the bud, the size of the plant. The bud is very beautiful and bright, it can be red with a hard yellow pestle, pink with a pink pestle, light brick with a yellow pestle, burgundy with a maroon pestle, and often there is an original white bud with a yellow or red pestle. Long doggies and bright (often red and pink) coloring gave rise to call it "flamingo flower", such is its popular name, and Latin - Anthurium.

To plant and beautiful buds more often, it is necessary to take care of it properly. What is the correct care of an anthurium at home?

First, it is necessary to keep it in a room where there are no problems with the temperature regime, the temperature should not jump, it should be from 18 to 22 degrees in the warm season. In the winter period - not lower than 15 - 16 degrees. A pot with a plant should not be placed in places where there may be drafts.

Secondly, the important moments in the care of an anthurium is the need to regulate the supply of light. On the south side of the world too much, on the north is not enough, so it will be correct to arrange the plant in places with scattered (but bright) light. However, no scattered bright light for the anthurium is necessary, it is good, if it receives a sunny morning light. Daytime sunlight for the plant is undesirable, in some cases harmful and even fatal. From such rays, the plant can get burns, from them appear brown spots of various shapes. Burns in plants, like in the whole living world, are practically not treated. The recovery period after small burns is long enough. In winter, additional lighting is necessary. We must remember that the plant came to us from warm Latin America (it is considered homeland), so it is very fond of light and heat, as well as high humidity.

Thirdly, caring for an anturium at home is the correct and systematic watering. It depends on the microclimate where the plant is. If the room is dry, then the water will quickly evaporate and the land will also dry up quickly, which means that it is necessary to water more often (twice a week). In dry heat, you can spray, but only greens, on the flowers after the spraying can remain unaesthetic traces. Water should be defended or watered with water passed through the filter. You can pour through a tray or through the top of the pot. If there is high humidity in the room, then it should be watered taking into account this circumstance.

The Anthurium plant is considered to be capricious by many, there is undoubtedly a share of the truth in this. However, if you study the "nature and habits" and know how to properly care for the anthurium, then the vagaries will be clear and the ways of fighting will be found out on their own.

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