Anthurium, yellow leaves what to do

Anthurium, yellow leavesAs well as it is necessary to a southern plant, the anturium likes heat, light, nourishing food and the raised humidity. It's not about the constant moisture of the soil, but about the humidity of the microclimate. The lack of any component or busting is a violation of the agrotechnical rules for the cultivation of the southern creation. Most often this is the cause of ailment or anthurium disease. The first sign of the violation of the rules for the care of the plant is the appearance of yellow leaves, sometimes their fall.

If the leaves turn yellow, sometimes it is a sign of the disease (chlorosis), since this plant is tropical, and they do not have leaf fall.

What to do if the leaves turn yellow

Anthurium is an evergreen plant of the family of aroids. The yellowing leaf is probably a consequence of improper irrigation, either the irrigation was too rare, or hard water was used. The reason for this phenomenon may be the inadequate application of nitrogen fertilizers, as well as the lack of light. Sometimes a simple move to a more lit place rectifies the situation. Good care in combination with good lighting, that is, conditions that are as close to natural as possible, exclude the appearance of yellowing leaves.

If outwardly everything is normal, and the leaves turn yellow, and no listed procedures have helped, then you need to look to the roots of the anthurium. Release the plant from the container, check the root system, remove the damaged areas. You can make a bath from a solution of potassium permanganate for the rest. Throw out the old earth, boil the pot. Choose a substrate so that it is breathable, light and has no contact with diseased plants.

The transplanted plant should be placed on a favorable place for it: a bright diffused light without burning sun rays. Ensure proper watering taking into account the microclimate where the anthurium is located. Exclude drafts, cold air, but ensure fresh air. And he will answer you with love: it will bloom and make you happy.

It is noticed, when leaves at an anturium yellow massively, it is a problem of roots. In this case, no change in dietary habits, or changes in living conditions will help. Although there are miracles. In most cases, it is necessary to take cardinal measures: cuttings, leave the shoots, thereby giving birth to a new plant.

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