Anthurum Diseases

Anthurum DiseasesDespite its extraordinary beauty, anthurium is susceptible to disease. The cause of many diseases is the violation of watering norms, feeding, improper care. Disturb the plant and harmful insects (aphids, whitefly, scab).

Chlorosis - the most common anthurium disease, symptom: yellowing leaf, but streaks remain green. Reason: lack of trace elements, in particular, magnesium or iron. Extract from algae or chelates of iron simply and quickly correct the situation.

Burns From direct exposure to sunlight causes the appearance of brown spots of various sizes, especially sun rays are especially dangerous. In addition, the plant anthurium can freeze. If the southern guest watered with cold water in a cold room, this will cause the appearance of light spots on the leaves of the anthurium. Permutation of the pot is a simple solution to the problem.

Smallpox. On the surface of the leaf, convex formations appear, usually of a small round shape.

Enation. On the leaves appear outgrowths, the leaf is deformed.

Anthurum infectious diseases

In diseases of anthurium, which are caused by fungi, it is necessary to resort to decisive and operative measures, otherwise it can be lost.

Gray mold Arises with increased humidity of the microclimate of the room, the constant moisture on the leaves also contributes to the development of the disease. Decay of individual parts of the plant is noticeable: it is covered with a gray coating of sporangia.

Septoria and anthracnose Is transmitted by contact with a diseased plant, it can be brought from the store where the plant was purchased, with soil, with a pot and other contacts. The appearance of spots on the leaves of a yellowish or brownish color will tell about the presence of this disease. And then the loss of leaves - these are the symptoms and the steady dynamics of the disease.

Rust: Spots appear on the upper and lower side of the leaf, on the upper side of the spot light, on the underside brownish (pustules), they form a spore powder. If the infection of the plant is strong, then the leaves dry completely.

Fuzarioz: In this disease the appearance of the plant does not please the eye, the leaves turn yellow, wither, fall off. The disease has another name - Fusarium wilt, it accurately diagnoses the condition of the flower. Anthurium becomes crumbling, because the tissue at the base of the stem darkens, dies and loses its stability. The affected area is covered with a touch of light spores.

Root rot: Rooted root roots of the plant, they are brown or red. Since the roots can not feed, the plant dies.

If the anthurium is sick because it is infected with a fungus, then the struggle is not easy. You can use various means, including folk. However, the disease will not retreat quickly. And if you want to quickly release the pet from a painful condition, then you will have to apply fungicides. It is necessary to remove the infected areas, then treat the plant according to the specified instructions. When spraying with a fungicide, it is necessary to introduce pesticides into the soil, only a set of measures will yield positive results. For one hundred percent certainty, you can do the following: put the flower with the pot in a plastic bag, make a spraying procedure, tie the pack of minutes for 10-12, then free the plant from captivity and put it in the best place for restoration. If for some reason the disease has not passed, it will be noticeable in two to three weeks, then it is necessary to repeat the procedure.

In addition to fungal diseases of anthurium, there may be diseases of bacterial origin and viral nature. There is no clear picture of the disease, but the general appearance indicates a painful condition. On the leaves there are oily stains, which eventually start to burn. The diseased plant rots roots, putrefactive mass has an unpleasant smell. Excess fertilizers and moisture are often the cause of bacterial diseases.

Twisting of leaves, curly plant - a sign of a viral disease, carrier of which are insects.

A sick plant needs to be treated, during the illness, fertilizing will bring only harm.

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