Anthurium transplantation

Anthurium transplantation

In a year or two years it will be necessary to transplant Anthurium. By the way, too often the flower should not be disturbed by transplants. This process should be carried out only when there is an urgent need for this. It occurs when the anthurium does not fit in the pot, it becomes too large for the capacity where it sits. It is important to properly prepare for the upcoming event. It is necessary to choose a substrate, and here is the moment to consider when composing soil for a plant.

Anthurium refers to plants called epiphytes and semi-epiphytes; in real life they naturally cling to the roots of trees, they are used as a support, therefore epiphytes are not parasites. Feeding is extracted from the soil. So, in order to properly prepare the soil, it is necessary to take this feature into account. It is best to take the substrate for the orchids, add peat, chopped moss, pieces of the root system of the fern (in the absence of a substitute). Mix everything. Transplanting anthurium in such soil will allow the flower to develop well, because it will be an excellent breathable substrate. Such soil will not retain excess moisture, which is also important for the plant.

Choosing the right pot is also important. Best is a wooden tub with many holes not only on the bottom. Holes are needed to penetrate the air that airs the root system. This is all the more important, if it was not possible to select the appropriate soil, which is good for air. The pot should not be large, otherwise the plant will take a lot of energy to form the root system, and it will not blossom throughout the entire period of the formation of the root system. The pot for anthurium transplantation should be wide and low. To be able to observe the development of the root part, many use a transparent container.

The plant is transplanted into the new capacity by the method of transshipment. In the new pot, put the drainage device on the bottom (claydite, stones, pieces of ceramic ware), then release it with a knife from the old pot and put the entire flower with an earthen lump with roots into a new container, fill the empty space with prepared soil, then ram. But also it is necessary to understand that transplantation for a plant is stress. Therefore, the entire procedure must be done carefully and carefully.

To water the transplanted anthurium it is desirable to have warm water, and within a month it is not necessary to disturb, also it is not necessary to feed up, to give the chance to adapt to new conditions.

If you received several pots with an anthurium during the transplant, put them together. When the adaptation period passes, you can divide the flower family.

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