Why the anthurium does not bloom

Anthurium does not bloomI wonder how the anthurium starts to bloom. Flowering is initially almost imperceptible, because the bud has the same color as the plant itself, and it will change color gradually, at one perfect time there will be an ugly duckling by a beautiful white swan.

However, this flower with a beautiful name does not always meet the expectations of the owners and the question arises: why the anthurium does not bloom? What is the matter or what is the reason for this phenomenon? There can be several.

Lighting. The lack of bright but diffuse light causes "unwillingness" to form an inflorescence. However, this does not mean that the plant should be placed under the direct rays of the sun, on the contrary it is harmful for anthurium, sometimes just fatal. Lack of light - also causes "unwillingness" to develop at full strength.

Temperature. Since anthurium is a very thermophilic plant, the temperature regime must be strictly observed. Eliminate temperature differences. Provide a constant temperature in the winter period not lower than 15 degrees, it is considered that it is with this microclimate that flower buds are laid. High temperature in winter is not needed. During the flowering period (from spring to autumn), the temperature should be at least 20 degrees. An incorrect temperature regime is a frequent answer to the question of why the anthurium does not bloom.

Pot. The capacity for a plant should not be large, otherwise the flower will have to form a root system for a long time, and this will delay the appearance of buds for a long time.

Problems with watering. Watering should be organized depending on the microclimate of the room. Stagnant water in the pot or the drying of the soil is unacceptable. If the flower does not take water, then it should be checked for diseases of both the root system and the upper part. If not everything is in order, then you need to remove the decayed areas and transplant it. With shallow drainage, moisture can stagnate in the pot, which is unacceptable. When the quality of the soil does not meet the requirements, the plant blooms and "does not think", it has to decide the question of survival. Therefore, only solving the issue with the soil, you can solve the problem of proper watering.

Low humidity. Often the anthurium does not blossom due to lack of moisture. The flower adores high humidity, which is why he does not like dry air.

Faded inflorescence Form seeds, than weaken the plant. The faded inflorescence must be cut off.

During vegetative reproduction, the southern visitor will blossom next year. The first flowering in the anthurium, which is grown from seed, comes only in 3 years, sometimes even in 4 years.

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