Reproduction of anthurium

Reproduction of anthurium vegetativeThe anthurium multiplies in several ways, which we will describe:

  • Vegetatively (root cuttings),
  • From seeds,
  • The apex of the stem (stem cuttings).

Reproduction of anthurium with seeds Quite uneasy, in just a few hours the seeds lose their germination. Therefore, the efficiency here does not hurt. Ripe seeds should be sown in a prepared container with sliced ​​moss, pre-moistened. Exercise at a temperature of 24 - 25 degrees. Periodically spray and air. The grown shoots should be transplanted into separate small pots. The earth must be loose, it can be a composition of their moss, peat, sand and small pieces of tree bark. The main thing is that there is no clayey heavy soil.

The problem is obtaining seeds, they can be obtained by artificial pollination. With a soft brush, transfer the pollen from one inflorescence to another, repeat the procedure several times (for several days). Approximately through 9 - 12 months bright fruit-berries are formed. In each berry is on the 4 seed, they should be removed, washed with warm water, a couple of hours to keep in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The seeds are ready for sowing.

Vegetative reproduction of anthurium Passes more successfully. The overgrown plant should be separated into independent bushes with air roots. It is not superfluous to recall that the roots of the anthurium are tender, so they need to be treated with care. However, the formed shrubs are separated easily. In conditions of high humidity, root each bush into the soil, which corresponds to the aroids. If there is no such mixture in the store, then you can use the substrate for the orchid. Or do it yourself: cut the moss, bark of the tree, add peat, pieces of fern root, mix with sand, add some of the light sod land, moisten well - and the soil for planting anthurium is ready.

Experienced growers believe that the transplant plant is from February to August inclusive. Young plants need to be transplanted annually, adult shrubs less often, once in 4 - 5 years.

Stem dripping Anthurium is similar to other plants. Cut off the stem from the side stem (this is one sheet), put in a jar with water, after a while there will be roots. An ingrained plant can be planted in a pot with soil for the anthurium.

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