Anthurium, yellow leaves what to do

Anthurium, yellow leavesAs well as it is necessary to a southern plant, the anturium likes heat, light, nourishing food and the raised humidity. It's not about the constant moisture of the soil, but about the humidity of the microclimate. The lack of any component or busting is a violation of the agrotechnical rules for the cultivation of the southern creation. Most often this is the cause of ailment or anthurium disease.

Anthurum Diseases

Anthurum DiseasesDespite its extraordinary beauty, anthurium is susceptible to disease. The cause of many diseases is the violation of watering norms, feeding, improper care. Disturb the plant and harmful insects (aphids, whitefly, scab).

Chlorosis - the most common anthurium disease, symptom: yellowing leaf, but streaks remain green.

Anthurium transplantation

Anthurium transplantation

In a year or two years it will be necessary to transplant Anthurium. By the way, too often the flower should not be disturbed by transplants. This process should be carried out only when there is an urgent need for this. It occurs when the anthurium does not fit in the pot, it becomes too large for the capacity where it sits. It is important to properly prepare for the upcoming event. It is necessary to choose a substrate, and here is the moment to consider when composing soil for a plant.

Anthurium care at home

Anthurium careIn nature, there are several hundred species of anthurium, they differ in the shade or color of the bud, the size of the plant. The bud is very beautiful and bright, it can be red with a hard yellow pestle, pink with a pink pestle, light brick with a yellow pestle, burgundy with a maroon pestle, and often there is an original white bud with a yellow or red pestle. Long doggies and bright (often red and pink) coloring gave rise to call it "flamingo flower", such is its popular name, and Latin - Anthurium.

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