We care for the orchid together

Orchids have conquered many hearts with their beauty. Not everyone decides to acquire their own beauty because of rumors about the complexity of care, high demanding colors. In fact, once you understand, you will see that it is not so difficult, but the result is worth it. The plants sold in shops are hybrids, adapted to life in the room.

Depending on which species the hybrid was harvested from, may require more or less light, higher or lower temperature - this you will see during the care of the plant and rearrange it in a less lit place, for example. Regardless of their pedigree, about 70% of the requirements for the conditions coincide. Let us consider them.

What conditions are necessary for a normal life of orchids?


Light for orchids is sufficient or insufficient. This factor is the most important in the life of orchids. In natural conditions, most of them grow on the tree trunk, getting scattered rays of the sun in the daytime throughout the year. Why is light so important? The leaves of the orchid are arranged in such a way that, when light hits them, a stomata opens through the bottom of the leaf, through which carbon dioxide and moisture are absorbed, while the upper part of the leaf actively processes the obtained substances and directs them to cell division. Roots actively absorb moisture and useful humus, directing all this there. This provides the plant with growth and flowering. If the lighting is insufficient, as it happens on cloudy days, in the autumn, in the winter, then the stomata will not open. Light is for them one of the important signals to the discovery.

Air temperature.

Optimal for most orchids is the temperature:
• In the afternoon: 20-24
• At night: 16-18
This temperature mode is most comfortable, although the permissible temperature can be more or less. At too high, as well as at too low temperature of air, the flower has frostbite of roots. At low temperatures, the humidity of the air decreases and more moisture evaporates from the plant than absorbed, and at too high a temperature, the stomata can generally close, perceiving the environment as aggressive.
Humidity of air for orchid 70% and above. On hot days, sprinkling water on the leaves of the flower, you will increase the humidity of the air, which automatically opens the stomata, and will give the plant useful substances.

Watering the orchids.

At too low or high temperatures, the plant consumes less moisture, so you need to water it less, otherwise you will ensure rotting of the roots. At a comfortable temperature, water needs a plant more - for growth and flowering.
These are the main points of care for an orchid. Of course, there are flowers that are less demanding, but an orchid is an orchid.

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