Varieties of radish

Varieties of radishRadish is divided into winter (biennial) and summer (annual) varieties. Also this vegetable has different maturation periods: early varieties 50-70 days, late varieties 105-120 days. In shape radish can be oval or round in color of the fruit - white, yellow, pink, black, purple. In this article, we will examine some of the best radish varieties that can be successfully grown in your summer cottage.

Cultivation of radishes

Cultivation of radishesEast Asia and the Mediterranean region should be considered the birthplace of the radish. It is there that one can meet this culture, which often grows in wild conditions. It should be noted that edible roots do not give all kinds of this crop. Such fruits are pleasing only to the cultures that were bred by breeders.

Cleaning and storage of beets

Beet cleaningThe third week of September is the optimal time for mass beet harvesting. Gathering the harvest at this time, you will get ripened roots, which will be perfectly preserved throughout the winter. The peculiarity of beet is that the root crops of this culture accumulate most of their mass for the second half of August and the beginning of September. By the way, the harvest will be less if the plants break off the leaves.

Growing turnips

Growing turnipsTurnip is the fastest-growing plant after radish and high temperatures during growth are not required.

For the cultivation of turnip, the best predecessors are legumes, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. The introduction of fresh manure under it does not produce. Otherwise, root crops will grow hollow and ugly.

Phytophthora of potatoes

Phytophthora on potato tubersThe causative agent of potato phytophthora is the fungus. This disease of this culture in certain years can lead to loss to 10 - 15% of the crop.

Seed tubers are the main way through which this pathogen is entered. The disease is caused by tubers that were slightly affected last year.

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