Planting carrots

Planting carrotsWhen planting carrots, choose a place well-lit by the sun, it can grow on loam and sandy loam. Plots for this culture should be arranged high with the strengthening of the edges. A high ridge is necessary for the good formation of root crops, and light soils allow to obtain pure fruits of large size.

The best precursors of carrots are tomatoes, potatoes, onions and cabbage. If the onions grew on the carrot, it would become immune to underlying diseases.

Dates of planting carrots

Culture should be sown from the middle of April to the first ten days of May. Early carrots can be planted in early April, but in the southern regions it can be done in March. To carrots well kept throughout the winter, it should be sown in the second half of June. With this method of planting, moisture is retained by mulching (humus, compost). For the harvest of the crop at the earliest possible time, the carrots are sown for the winter, before the first frost.

If you plan to plant carrots in spring, prepare the soil under it from autumn. To do this, make a digging on the bayonet spade, under which make peat and sawdust. It is not necessary to add fresh manure as fertilizer, which will result in the formation of irregular root crops.

Многие высевают морковь, применяя сухие семена, расходуя до 80 граммов на сотку, но при таком способе всходы появятся только по истечению трёх недель после посева. Чтобы значительно ускорить процесс получения всходов используйте следующий метод, который применяют за 5 дней перед сроком посадки. Семена нужно вымочить в воде, которая имеет комнатную температуру в течение 6 часов. После этого их укладывают во влажной тряпочке на 5 суток в холодильник, перед высадкой в грунт высушивают. В воду перед замачиванием, для улучшения качества семян добавляют специальные вещества, которые содержат микроэлементы.

Carrots can also be sown with seeds that are glued to the tape. To do this, a strip of toilet paper with a width of 2 centimeter is glued with seeds that have been previously tested for germination. Between the seeds leave a distance of 2 centimeters, the sizing is produced with natural glue on the basis of potato starch. This method is very convenient - the crops will not be thickened. The sowing is done in a few minutes, laying the tapes to the required depth with the subsequent backfilling.

Хорошего результата можно добиться при использовании гранулированных семян, которые содержат необходимые для развития питательные вещества, а оболочка (гель) позволяет удерживать влагу.

Before planting any seeds produce digging with the application of the following fertilizers translated into a hundred square meters: up to 500 kilograms of humus, up to 3 kilograms of superphosphate and up to 2 potassium chloride.

After digging, the ground is leveled by rakes and makes grooves with depths of up to 3 centimeters. Practice and seeding carrots with granulated seeds, while leaving a distance of 5 centimeters between them. In normal sowing, the distances are reduced. Between the rows are left about 20 centimeters.

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