Radish planting

Radish plantingRadish planting and care A one-year or two-year edible vegetable is radish. Root crops or fresh foliage are used for food. Radish is one of the vegetables that are first planted in the gardens in the early spring. In our strip, it matures fairly quickly. Therefore among the summer residents it is one of the most beloved.

Since March and until late autumn, you can engage in planting a radish. During the preparation of the soil, it must be taken into account that the radish does not like organic fertilizers. On the site, which previously grew radish, you can not plant this vegetable.

Planting radish in the greenhouse

In the greenhouse the radish grows quite well. Its planting is produced as a sealant or as a culture that precedes cucumbers and tomatoes. For seedlings to appear faster, it is desirable to carry out the treatment of seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate, after which they should be soaked. Seeds are sown in a row through 20 cm. The depth of radish planting should be 2 cm. The distance between the grooves should be 20 cm. Before sowing, water the grooves with warm water. To water a radish it is necessary once a week, as he likes a moisture. In addition, the greenhouse should be ventilated. High temperature promotes active growth of the foliage, which is not the best way to affect the development of root vegetables.

Посадка редиса в открытый грунт

To get several harvests of radish during the summer season, it should be planted in several terms in two to three weeks. For planting radish, you can use the soil, which was released after harvesting early potatoes, cucumbers and cabbage. Seeding of radishes is carried out at a distance of 20 cm between the seeds. As for the distance between the rows, it should be 45 cm.

If you grow modern large varieties of radishes, then you can get a good harvest of radish in summer without any problems. Plants of this variety do not shoot, are resistant to diseases. In addition, they can provide a rich harvest of root crops, which are large in size. But along with the pluses they have their minus. It consists in the fact that their flesh is coarser than in the small varieties of radish. Therefore, on their sites, these varieties are not planted by all summer residents.

If we talk about care of the radish after planting, it consists of the following activities:

- watering followed by loosening. Only after the rain should soil loosening;

- Timely weeding;

- прореживание: расстояние 5 см должно выдерживаться между головками;

- additional fertilizing;

- борьба с вредителями.

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