Planting a radish

RadishRadish can be summer - one-year culture and winter - two-year culture. Roots of round shape have a winter radish.

Good predecessors for planting radishes are cucumbers, beans and others. It is not necessary to cultivate radishes in the area on which turnip or radish previously grew. Strongly shaded areas are also not worth choosing for planting radishes.

The best place to plant a radish is a dry area with non-acidic soil, which is fertilized with humus. No additional fertilizer is needed. From the application of organic residues, which are badly decomposed, it is also worth abandoning. Otherwise, there is a risk of root cane diseases.

Planting radishes begins already in early spring at the end of April, as short-term frosts carry its sprouts quite well. Later it is necessary to sow the radish, intended for winter storage - in the last decade of June.

Germination seeds radish retain for 5-6 years. In the ash solution the seeds must be soaked for 12 hours before sowing. To prepare the solution, 20 g of ash must be diluted in 1 l of water, and then infused for 2 days. Sow the summer radish in the ground should be at a depth of not more than 2 cm, and the winter depth to 3 cm. Spacing, for the normal development of plants and the convenience of processing, make about 30 cm.

The seedbed for planting radishes is dug up to one and a half bayonets of a shovel. Then furrows with a depth of 2 cm are made in it. Between the furrows the distance 30 cm should be maintained. Nests - this is usually the way to sow. In each plant according to the 3-4 seed, the interval between the sockets should be 15 cm.

Watering the beds produce after sowing. Extra sprouts in the nest must be removed immediately after emergence, while in each hole one of the strongest shoots is left.

Aftercare: sprinkle the soil with ashes immediately after emergence. This will protect crops from cruciferous fleas; It is necessary to break in a row crops with an interval of 6-10 cm. It is necessary to remove the arrow plants. Loosening should be carried out immediately after the rains. The plant does not require abundant watering, but they must be started if the top layer of the soil begins to dry out. If there is dry weather, then watering is mandatory, otherwise the radish will be bitter, the fruits can crack. Fertilize beds with radish is not required. When fertilizers are applied, the radish responds well to them. You should know that the radish does not tolerate fresh manure. Therefore, for top dressing, you must use rotted compost or manure.

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